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Jouer Citrine Powder Highlighter | Review


There are always a few makeup products that stand out and get hyped about over and over again. The Jouer Powder Highlighter in 'Citrine' is one of those items that everybody keeps on raving about. Based on what I heard and the pictures I saw of this beauty, I was quite sure I was going to love this product and simply needed it in my life. Unfortunately, it was sold-out on Cult Beauty for the longest time but I kept on stalking their page until they finally restocked and I was able to add it to my cart. So if you're curious to know if I think this baby is worth all the hype, keep on reading!

The Jouer Powder Highlighter comes in a glamorous gold box that is a lot bigger than the highlighter compact but looks extremely fancy and luxurious. The actual highlighter comes in a beautiful mirrored gold compact that clicks open and has a mirror inside. Although this type of packaging does show fingerprints really easily, it's super lightweight, compact and again, looks stunningly luxurious.

The Jouer Powder Highlighter comes in three different shades:
❤ Citrine (shimmery gold)
❤ Topaz (shimmery peachy gold)
❤ Rose Quartz (shimmery champagne pink)

Brand's description:
Ultra-fine pearls and luminescent pigments create the ultimate, "lit-from-within" glow. This creamy, powder formula is long-wearing, highly pigmented, and layers with our best-selling cream Highlighter for the perfect radiant finish. Long-Wear. Paraben Free. Gluten Free. Dermatologist Tested.

Citrine is a beautiful pale shimmery champagne highlight that doesn't contain any chunks of glitter but adds a gorgeous glow the skin. This shade would look flattering on a broad range of skin-tones, from pale to medium.

The texture of this highlighter is unlike anything I've ever tried before. Although this is a powder, it almost feels wet and is extremely soft and buttery. It glides onto the skin without looking streaky, patchy or accentuate any texture whatsoever. Citrine is also super pigmented with an amazing color pay-off.

You can build up this highlight to look SUPER intense and 'wet' on the skin or apply a small amount to get that subtle glow from within. I personally prefer the first option since I love that over the top glow on my cheeks.

Even though this powder feels extremely soft, it does have a lot of powder kick-up whenever you swirl your brush in the pan. I personally don't mind that, but this might be something to consider if you don't like your products to have a lot of powder kick-up. Also, the powder is extremely fragile, which is why I would recommend being extra careful when you're grabbing this highlighter and I also wouldn't necessarily take this traveling with me.

The lasting-power of this highlighter is quite nice as well. On my skin, Citrine lasts up to 9 hours before loosing a little bit of intensity.

As you can see, the packaging is gorgeous, but it does tend to get quite dirty and show fingerprints easily.



When I first opened up my Citrine highlighter, I thought it looked quite similar to Becca's Champagne Pop which is why I decided to compare the two. As you can tell, Champagne Pop is definitely a lot warmer and has more of a peachy undertone compared to Citrine. They're quite similar, but at the same time they're not exactly the same. I also prefer the formula of the Jouer highlighters.

I'm wearing the Jouer Powder Highlighter in 'Citrine' on the tops of my cheekbones.

I'm so happy I was able to get my hands on this stunning highlighter since it has become one of my go-to favorite highlighters. The texture is buttery soft and the shade looks absolutely stunning on my skin-tone. The packaging is also super pretty and looks really luxurious and fancy.

The Jouer Powder Highlighter in 'Citrine' is available on the official Jouer website here for $24 (4.5 g) or you can get yours on Cult Beauty here for £19, which I would definitely recommend if you live in Europe since there won't be any custom fees or expensive shipping. I think the price point is very reasonable considering the amount of product and quality you get. Unfortunately though, Citrine is currently sold-out since it has become such a popular product (and for good reason), but you can always join the waiting list!

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