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Coming Soon: Zoeva Winter 2017


The holidays are over, the Christmas tree is back in the attic and I'm in the midst of finals... These are dark times you guys... No, I'm kidding, but I must admit I really do miss the holidays! Luckily one of my favorite brands, Zoeva, managed to brighten up my day with some news about their new releases coming out really soon. Here's a list of everything they'll be adding to their range, which I'm super excited about!

❤ Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette €22
Inspired by the calmness and beauty of a night stroll through the silent streets of a sleeping city, the ZOEVA MATTE EYESHADOW PALETTE reveals a versatile range of mysteriously moody matte shades. Far from buzzing boulevards and bright neon lights, the highly pigmented and easy to blend shadows recall the dimmed lighting and melancholic atmosphere of a vibrant metropolis from dusk till dawn. With shades ranging from misty beige and gloomy brown to deep burgundy and muted red, create timelessly elegant, cosmopolitan makeup looks.
Launch date: January 23rd 2017, and is exclusively available on the official Zoeva website.

❤ Zoeva Graphic Brows €8,99
Available in four stunningly realistic shades, the long lasting ZOEVA GRAPHIC BROWS sculpt and perfect brows with a waterproof, smudge-proof formula. Ensuring a rich color payoff, the ultra fine, retractable pencil creates precise strokes, mimicking the natural hair and filling in the brows with ease, while the spiral brush grooms into shape and softens the color – for a natural-looking, uniformly dense and well defined brow. Available in 4 shades.
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix €9,99
With an innovative, superfine spiral brush and a unique, long lasting formulation, the ZOEVA GRAPHIC BROW FIX achieves perfectly styled and tinted brows in one easy step. Effortlessly locking brow hair in place while tinting with shades ranging from light blonde to
blackish brown, the high definition brow gel provides a smooth, even color release and a flexible, comfortable hold – for ultra-groomed, visibly thicker and expressive brows. Available in 3 shades.
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Brow Light Margarethe €8,99
Available in 1 shade.
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva Brow Spectrum €24
From black to blond, the ZOEVA BROW SPECTRUM PALETTE is the ultimate eyebrow kit to achieve flawless, professionally groomed arches. The palette comes equipped with a range of long-wearing, highly pigmented brow powders that seamlessly blend together to create customized shades with sheer to medium coverage as well as a selection of matte and shimmering highlighters to brighten eyes and visually lift up the arches – for intense brow statements or natural eye looks. Available in 1 shade.
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva Graphic Lash Mascara €9,99
Drama, please! The ZOEVA GRAPHIC LASH MASCARA thickens and lengthens lashes in rich, intense carbon-black with a durable, ultra-pigmented formula and a dense spiral brush for instant, glamorous volume. Precisely separating the lashes to ensure maximum definition, the creamy, buildable texture creates natural looking thickness or sensational drama for incredibly volumized, long-lasting and impactful curls. Available in 1 shade.
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva 113 Fluid Arc €16,99
As a true professional tool, the 113 FLUID ARC revolutionizes the makeup routine thanks to its innovative, arched shape and soft synthetic hair. The curved face brush adjusts perfectly to any facial shape and models the face with liquid and cream contour products or seamlessly blends foundation for an immaculate, professional nish. 
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva 117 Petit Defined Buffer €14,99
The 117 PETIT DEFINED BUFFER perfectly adapts to the facial contours with its extra small, angled brush head and is particularly suitable for the precise, comfortable application of foundation and concealer below the eyes and along the nose. The ne, tightly bonded synthetic hair and the compact shape ensure easy application and a smooth, natural-looking makeup nish. 
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ 135 Petit Face Definer €14,99
Equipped with super soft, pure synthetic hair and a tapered shape for
easy handling, the 135 PETIT FACE DEFINER works its skills with liquid, cream or powder makeup products and – in addition to ensuring a awless application of foundation – is suited especially well to evenly blend concealer and set loose powder around the eye area. 
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva 137 Petit Fan €9,50
Just like its “big brother”, the 137 PETIT FAN embodies multitasking at its best. Thanks to its fan shape and soft synthetic hair the brush is equally suitable for the targeted application of highlighter along the brow bone and Cupid’s bow as well as the separation of eyelashes and easy removal of excess mascara. 
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

❤ Zoeva 331 Precision Lip €8,50
The at, square-shaped 331 PRECISION LIP allows for an accurate application of lipstick and liquid formulas along the lip contour, while the at side is perfectly suited to generously ll in the lips with color. Thanks to its straight, pure synthetic hair, the tiny brush blends all lip products with ease and creates precise de nition. 
Launch date: January 23rd 2017

I'm super excited about these new launches!! The eyeshadow palette, brow products, mascara and petit fan brush are definitely going on my wishlist.

Are you going to pick up any of these products? Let me know!!

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