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Essence The Little X-Mas Factory Contouring Palette (Elf Yourself!) | Review


I'm so excited for Christmas guys, you don't even know! I already set up my tree about two weeks ago and I've been listening to Christmas music non-stop. Another great thing about Christmas coming up is that the holiday collections are slowly hitting the stores. Essence launched an entire line of Christmas themed makeup goodies, called The Little X-Mas Factory. The products in this collection look absolutely stunning and super festive, I really had to stop myself from buying the entire collection. I decided to grab one item, the contouring palette which I'm going to review for you guys today.

The contouring palette comes in a square transparent case with the name of the collection in a special festive font on the front. On the back, there's a sticker with some additional information. But, what really attracted me to this palette wasn't the packaging, but the beautiful gift-bow pattern that's engraved into the powder. This pattern adds such a festive touch to this powder, I love it!

The contouring palette in this collection is only available in one shade, 'Elf Yourself!', which is very light and wouldn't work for people with medium to dark skin-tones. That's something I really wish they would've thought off when creating this collection.

Elf Yourself! comes with a light neutral toned matte bronzer and a shimmery highlight. Although the bronzer looks matte in the pan, it has a dewy finish on the skin. The highlight is matte but has chunks of glitter in it.

I really enjoyed the contour shade, although it's very light and I definitely had to build it up for it to actually show up on my skin. However, I didn't like the highlighting shade. It's too chunky for me to use as a highlight or to set my under-eyes with, so I have no idea what to actually use this powder for.

The formula is a little bit dry and powdery, but it does blend nicely onto the skin. The pigmentation was average. Depending on your skin-tone, you definitely have to build it up.

The contour shade lasted pretty well on my skin, I would say it started to fade after about 6 hours of wear.

I've used this palette a couple of times now, and the pattern still hasn't rubbed off, which is amazing since the pattern is so pretty!

I'm wearing the contour shade on the outer parts of my face.

I wish the entire pan only consisted of the bronzing shade, that would've been amazing! Unfortunately, the highlighter is taking up space and I don't like it whatsoever. It's too chunky and glittery for me to apply this anywhere on my face. However, I do really enjoy the contour shade in this palette. It has a nice neutral undertone, so you can use it both for bronzing up the skin or to contour with.

The Little X-Mas Factory collection by Essence is now available at your local Essence retailer until the end of the month. The Contouring Palette retails for €3,39 (9 g), which is super affordable.

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