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Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette | Review


There's nothing I love more than a beautiful neutral and warm-toned eyeshadow palette (okay maybe PSL but that's besides the point). Whenever I saw the Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow palette for the first time on Instagram I immediately fell in love. This palette is a neutral lover's dream come true. Violet Voss is one of those underdog indie makeup brands that's slowly but surely getting the popularity it deserves. I never thought I would've been able to get my hands on this beauty since I thought Violet Voss was only sold on their own official website. But recently, their eyeshadow palettes have been available on beautybay.com, as well as some of their products. So whenever the Holy Grail palette was back in stock I didn't hesitate and immediately busted out my credit card.

The palette comes in a cardboard box that has the same design as the eyeshadow palette, black with silver details. I personally really enjoy the packaging of the actual palette. It's made out of a sturdy cardboard material and is rather compact and thin. I was actually shocked when saw the palette in real life for the first time. I was expecting a Morphe 35 eyeshadow palette size, but this palette is way smaller, it almost fits into my hands. It comes with a large mirror and each pan has the shade name right underneath (halleluja!). Oh and the palette closes magnetically, which I think makes every item feel a little bit more luxurious.

The only remark I would have when it comes to the packaging is that I don't like the material of the palette. It has a matte feel to it, very similar but Nars packaging but it's even harder to keep it clean. EVERYTHING sticks to this palette and it's almost impossible to keep it spotless. But maybe I just have a problem haha!

The Holy Grail eyeshadow palette is supposed to be a limited edition Summer palette, but they're bringing it back next month so I'm really doubting how LE it really was?? Anyway, I wouldn't mind if they added it to their permanent range!

The palette comes with 20 warm and neutral shades and different finishes. There are some mattes, metals and satins and I definitely think there's enough variety in the shades to create varies looks just using this palette.

❤ Crystal: a light champagne with a satin finish.
❤ Ploof: a light shimmery beige pink with a satin finish.
❤ Thanks A Latte: a pale neutral with a matte finish.
❤ Transition: a light medium brown with a matte finish.
❤ Hashtag: a darker orange with a matte finish.
❤ Awesome Sauce: a peachy bronze with a satin finish. 
❤ Bestie: a soft peachy brown with a matte finish.
❤ Toffee: a burnt orange bronze with a golden sparkle and metal finish.
❤ Chill: a light brown bronze with a matte finish.
❤ How U Doin: a burnt rose gold with a metal finish.
❤ Bat My Eyes: a dark bronzy brown with a metal finish.
❤ Cool Beans: a bronzy mauve with a metal finish.
❤ R U Kitten Me: a medium reddish brown with a matte finish.
❤ So Jelly: a duochrome pink with a satin finish.
❤ On Fleek: a reddish brown with a metal finish.
❤ Brownie Points: a dark warm brown with a matte finish.
❤ Teddy Bear: a darker plum brown with a matte finish.
❤ Glamping: a warm bronzy reddish brown with a metal finish.
❤ Cranberry Splash: a warm red with a metal finish.
❤ Wine N Dine: a vibrant fuchsia cranberry with a matte finish.

Wauw, these eyeshadows are super pigmented, I mean look at those swatches! And I didn't even have to try hard to get them to show up like that. There were only a few shades that weren't as great, such as So Jelly, which wasn't really showing up how I wanted it to. But all the other shades are super buttery and the formula is extremely smooth.

Both the mattes and shimmers apply very effortlessly. The shimmers show up quite intense on the eyelids, I didn't even have to spray my brush with some fixing spray to intensify them. The matte shades blended very easily as well, but some were a little bit harder to blend.

None of these eyeshadows creased on me throughout the day, so I would say the lasting power is on point. I also didn't experience any fall-out when I was applying these shadows, which I really dislike when shadows tend to have a lot of fall-out.

This entire palette is right up alley, but some of my personal favorites are Transition, Cool Beans, Toffee and Glamping!

I can imagine that for someone who likes to smoke things up a bit, a black would be something they would miss. I don't tend to use black eyeshadow much, but that's definitely something this palette is missing to make it the absolute perfect eyeshadow palette. Even though I don't really mind that personally, so for me this actually is a perfect palette.

I'm wearing nothing but the Holy Grail eyeshadow palette on my eyelids.

Overall, this eyeshadow palette blew me away. There were only one or two shades that weren't the best but all the others were amazing! These shadows are super pigmented, buttery and they apply like a dream. I've been grabbing this palette so much lately, which says a lot since I own about a 100 other neutral palettes. This palette just has every shade I need to create a look and I can go for natural looks as well as darker looks with this palette.

The Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow palette is available on Violet Voss's official website for $45 (36 g) or on beautybay.com for €40. If you live in Europe I would definitely suggest ordering this palette on BeautyBay since they offer free shipping and it's cheaper. I think €40 for such great quality is actually quite affordable and I couldn't recommend this palette enough to all of my warm neutral lovers out there!

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