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Essence Me & My Umbrella Rain Boots Nail Polish ('Take Me To The Clouds') | Review


Have you seen the newest Me & My Umbrella collection by Essence in stores yet?? I stumbled upon this newest Fall collection when I was shopping at Kruidvat the other day and the nail polishes immediately caught my attention. I loved the overall display of this LE collection and thought the nail polishes looked perfect for Fall. And since you know I love Fall so much, I decided to pick up this beautiful olive green shade.

I remember purchasing a nail polish from their Merry Berry holiday 2015 collection that looked exactly like this one, just with a gold cap instead of a black one. I think this packaging is so cute and I love how compact and tiny it is. On the front is says 'Me & My Umbrella' and it has the shade name on the back.

There are four different shades in this collection, each with a matte 'gummi effect':
❤ Crazy Autumn Love
❤ I Love Rainy Days
❤ Take Me To The Clouds
❤ I Have My Pocket Full Of Sunshine

You know me, I'm in love with each and every Fall-related name of these polishes! I decided to pick up one shade, which to me, just screamed Fall the most. 

Take Me To The Clouds is a beautiful grayish olive green. It has a matte finish and has amazing color pay-off. It only took two coats for it to look opaque and it actually dried within an hour! Normally, nail polishes take forever to dry on my nails, but this one dried so fast. I also adore the finish, I really get why they call it a 'gummi' effect.

The applicator is quite large, but I like them just a little bit bigger. However, I didn't experience any difficulties when I was applying this nail polish. The first layer went on a little bit streaky but the second one completely evened it out.

The lasting power is average. After about 2-3 days this polish starts to chip on my nails, but lately that's been the case with every single nail polish I apply. My nails have become so fragile, they just peal off all the time, which makes my nail polish chip faster.

I'm so happy I picked up this shade and I'm totally going to grab one or two other shades from this collection! They're the perfect Fall nail polishes and I simply adore this packaging.

The Essence Me & My Umbrella Rain Boots nail polishes are now available at Kruidvat for €1,99 (8 ml), but only for a limited time. For only €2 I think these are such a steal and I would highly recommend these nail polishes, the effect is gorgeous and they're perfect for Fall (yes, I had to say Fall one more time)!

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