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Colourpop Free International Shipping Haul


Okay I think it's pretty obvious I'm a little bit obsessed with Colourpop considering this is yet another Colourpop haul! I think they're products are amazing and everything is so inexpensive, I love it! The only downside are the expensive shipping and custom duties, but in this haul I found ways around that. Recently, they offered free international shipping for a few days. I placed an order under €22 because then it's free of custom charges. I also had a friend who went to the US and I was able to ask a few products as well. So in the end, I have 11 new Colourpop products without any additional costs, happy me! Here's a list of the items I purchased:

❤ Super Shock Shadow in 'Elixir' (Fall Collection) $5
❤ Super Shock Shadow in 'Stereo' (Fall Collection) $5
❤ Matte Lippe Stix in 'Oh Snap' $5
❤ Crème Gel Liner in 'Mr. Bing' (KathleenLights) $5
❤ Crème Gel Colour in 'Best O' $6
❤ Ultra Metallic Lip in 'Man Eater' $6
❤ Ultra Glossy Lip in 'My Jam' $6
❤ Ultra Glossy Lip in 'Finder's Keepers' $6
❤ Ultra Satin Lip in 'Gypsy' $6
❤ Ultra Matte Lip in 'Saigon' (Kaepop) $6
❤ Ultra Matte Lip in 'Love Bug' (Fall Collection) $6

Have you tried any Colourpop products before? What are some of your faves?

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