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New Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Cream (Plumming Bird & MidNude Season)


It seems like every brand is coming out with their own version of matte liquid lipsticks, and of course Catrice couldn't miss out on this trend either. For their Fall and Winter 2016 assortment update, they released a 'new' line of Velvet Matt Lip Creams. I say new with quotation marks, because in 2014 they already released these, just in another packaging. I didn't try the ones back in 2014, so I decided to give two of these a try and see if they're any good. I'm addicted to liquid lipsticks, so I was so excited to try these out and today I'm finally able to share my opinion!

The packaging these Velvet Matt Lip Creams come in looks very sophisticated, elegant and simple. The actual tube is clear with a matte finish and the cap is matte black with a sticker 'new' on it. These Velvet Matt lipsticks are rather small and compact, perfect to throw into your purse. The only thing I'm not a big fan of with this packaging is that the shade names are only indicated on the barcode stickers, not on the actual lipstick. Normally I always take off those ugly stickers, but with these I simply can't otherwise I wouldn't know the shade names.

The Velvet Matte Lip Creams are available in six different shades:

❤ MidNude Season
❤ Rose Your Voice!
❤ Hazel-Rose Royce
❤ Plumming Bird 
❤ Brooklyn Pink-Ster
❤ Redvolution

I decided to go for two shades, that way if I don't like them I didn't waste too much money and if I do love them I can always grab more shades. 

Plumming Bird is a darker cherry red. I thought this shade would be perfect for Fall and look very vampy but on the actual lips it looks more pink, such a bummer!

The finish of these Velvet Matts is very glossy and shiny and not matte AT ALL which is what I was afraid of. It stays shiny throughout wear, so it doesn't dry down either. The formula is very thin and not opaque and it's really hard to build these up. Once you go over the first layer, you kind of rub it off so putting another layer on top has no point whatsoever. I did notice they felt very comfortable on the lips, as if I was wearing nothing and they weren't sticky.

Application: The applicator is a flat dough-footh applicator that has product on both sides. Even though it has two sides covered in product, I don't feel like one application looks opaque. The applicator is really nice to apply and use though.

Wearing Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Cream in 'Plumming Bird'

MidNude Season is pale cool-toned nude. This nude looked so beautiful in the actual tube, especially since I love a cool-toned pale nude but it didn't show up on my lips that well.

The lasting power on both of these is not that great either. After about two to three hours they start to fade away and you definitely have to reapply after eating or drinking something. But they do fade away evenly without crumbling or looking like crap.

Wearing Catrice Velvet Matt Lip Cream in 'MidNude Season'

As you can see, the swatches look uneven and sheer, not what you would expect when you hear the name 'Velvet Matt Lip Cream'. The finish is anything but matte and there's almost no coverage. They also have a very strong sweet scent, which is something I don't really mind since it fades away on the lips, but it's definitely something to keep in mind.

Do I think these are bad? I don't know, they're okay I guess. But are they Velvet Matt Lip Creams? Hell no!! I think these lean more towards being sheer glosses then anything.

The Velvet Matt Lip Creams are now available at your local drugstore or online for €3,59 (3,4 ml). I mean, for 4 bucks you could try one out for yourself if you were interested in these, but I personally wouldn't necessarily recommend them and I think Catrice named these completely wrong.

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