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New Catrice Prime and Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray


I picked up a bunch of Catrice's new products for Fall & Winter 2016 and I can't wait to share them all with you guys! Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day and I don't have enough time to do everything I want to, especially now that I'm studying again for the next three weeks. But of course, I'm going to be posting my thoughts on all of their new products as soon as I can! So for today's review, I wanted to talk about Catrice's new Multitalent Fixing Spray. More and more affordable brands are coming out with fixing sprays and adding them to their collection and I for one am not complaining! Mac Fix+, Urban Decay All Nighter,... they're all so freakin' expensive! So finding a great drugstore alternative would be amazing! I tried out Essence's Keep It Perfect Makeup Fixing Spray about half a year ago and I really enjoyed that one, so I hope this one by Catrice will make me feel the exact same way or even more excited!

The bottle of this multitalent fixing spray is compact and contains 50 ml of product. Since I tend to use quite a heavy amount of this product, I'll run out of this fairly quick. But on a brighter note, it's the perfect fixing spray to travel with! Typical Catrice, the design of this bottle looks luxurious yet simple. The bottle is see-through with a light matte purple shade. As you can see, the design is nothing special, but it does look luxurious.

This fixing spray is called 'multitalent' for a reason. According to Catrice, you can use this spray to:

If I would compare it to the one I tried out from Essence, I would say this one by Catrice sets my makeup better. It spritzes a nice amount without being too harsh just like the Essence fixing spray but it dries quicker than the one by Essence. Now if you would ask me if it extends the wear of my makeup, I wouldn't really know. To be honest, I like fixing sprays because they set my makeup in place and get rid off any powderiness. Aside from my Urban Decay All Nighter, I don't think fixing sprays make my makeup last longer. This multitalent one does feel very refreshing, and I even spray it onto my face when I'm not wearing any makeup, just because it feels nice and cooling on my skin.

This spray does have quite a strong scent, but luckily it fades away pretty quickly. This makes sense, since fragrance is one of the ingredients but it's at the end of the list which means there's not that much perfume in here. What I also noticed is that this product doesn't contain any Glycerin, which is surprising to me since Glycerin is the glue of the makeup industry. The Essence fixing spray did contain Glycerin.

After being disappointed in their newest Velvet Matt Lip Creams, I do think we have a winner here. The multitalent fixing spray sets my makeup beautifully and it reminds me so much of the Mac Fix+ spray, just a lot cheaper. The scent is the only downside for me, I wish it was scentless or that the scent was more subtle.

The Catrice Multitalent Fixing Spray is now available at your local kruidvat or online for €4,59 (50 ml). It's a little bit more expensive than the fixing spray by Essence, but still very affordable and even a little bit better!

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