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Colourpop Ultra Satin Lips (Dopey & Frick 'n Frack)


Colourpop is one of those brands that just won't stop releasing awesome products, I actually think the owners don't sleep. Their Ultra Matte Lips are some of my favorite liquid lipsticks, but they are quite drying on the lips. So when they released their Ultra Satin Lips, which are supposed to be not as drying, a few months ago, I just knew I had to get a few of them at some point. If you saw my Colourpop haul, you saw that I decided to pick up two shades, Dopey and Frick 'n Frack, which I'm going to be sharing in this review today.

The packaging of the Ultra Satin Lips is identical to the Ultra Matte Lips, except that it says 'Ultra Satin Lips' instead of 'Ultra Matte Lips'. They come in a clear bottle with a metallic cap and metallic details. They don't look cheap at all, but I can already tell from my personal experience that the letters rub off, which does look quite cheap after a while. The shade names can be found on the bottom of each tube and they have the same dough-footh applicator as the Ultra Matte Lips.

At first I was really confused as to what these actually were. Are they liquid lipsticks? Are they lip stains, glosses? Colourpop describes them as liquid lipsticks with a satin finish and they're currently available in 27 different shades.

The first shade I grabbed is called Dopey, which is a muted medium dusty mauve. On me, it leans more towards a berry pink with subtle mauve undertones. The color pay-off was absolutely perfect, I only needed one coat for it to look fully opaque.

The formula is very liquid and creamy and easy to apply. The finish is definitely satin at first, so it has a slight sheen to it but it doesn't look glossy or shiny. After about an hour the formula starts to dry down a bit and transforms into a (semi)matte finish. They're not completely transfer-proof, but they don't bleed on your lips either. They're super comfortable on the lips and they have a lasting power of about 6-7 hours before they start to fade, which is insane!! They don't start to crumble on your lips and they're easy to reapply without having to take it all off. I'm definitely a huge fan of this formula!

Wearing 'Dopey' on my lips

Next I picked up Frick 'n Frack, which is a muted medium rosy terracotta. The terracotta definitely comes through on my lips and I think this is such a pretty and unique shade!

Again, this formula is divine and exactly the same as I described with Dopey. The pigmentation and color pay-off is perfect. These don't have a noticeable scent and Colourpop doesn't test on animals, which is also a huge plus!

Wearing 'Frick 'n Frack' on my lips

To be honest, at first I thought I wouldn't like these as much as I do. I'm all for that matte lip and I thought these would be shiny and have more of a glossy finish. When you first put them on they have a slight shine to them but they quickly dry down to a matte finish and they're really comfortable on the lips! I'm also OBSESSED with both of these shades, they're stunning!

The Ultra Satin Lips retail for $6 (3.2 g) each, which is such an affordable price if you ask me. Dopey is available here and Frick 'n Frack here. Colourpop used to be one of those brands that's very hard to get your hands on, BUT since about a week ago they're shipping internationally which is awesome (and dangerous)!

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