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Makeup Geek Haul


Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, probably know how much I am obsessed with Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I used to order mine on the official Makeup Geek website, but since a couple of months they're also available on Beautybay.com and I have been building up my collection ever since. About a week ago, Beautybay.com had an AMAZING deal on Makeup Geek products. They were all 50% off!! So you can imagine I went a little bit crazy. A lot of the shades I really wanted were sold-out, but I still managed to grab some gorgeous shadows. I also purchased the Makeup Geek Vault when it came back in stock after that sale, which is Makeup Geek's version of a Z palette. If you want to see some swatches of the shades I grabbed, keep on reading!

The first item I grabbed during the sale was my first sparkler. I heard mixed reviews about these babies and everyone mentions how messy they are. That's why I decided to pick it up during the sale, otherwise I would've never bought this. I picked up the shade Solstice, which is a gorgeous silvery mint green, of course with a lot of sparkle in it.

And indeed, these are so so so messy!! I think I lost 1/10 of the jar, just by opening it up. The jars are also way smaller than I imagined they would be, they're so tiny! 

The sparklers are between a pigment and shimmer, but they're super finely mild. I can't wait to play around with this! 

I also purchased two duochrome eyeshadows. I already own one of these and I really love the formula and how they change color depending on the light.

❤ Secret Garden: a deep bright teal.
❤ Ritzy: a brown-reddish base with green and gold reflects.

Of course, I picked up two more foiled eyeshadows, because I simply adore how pigmented and gorgeous these are!

❤ Charmed: a muted silvery light olive with taupe undertones and a foiled finish.
❤ Daydreamer: a light lilac purple with cool undertones and a foiled finish.

I also decided to purchase some more of her regular eyeshadows, because these had been on my wish-list for a while now.

❤ Chickadee: a matte yellow orange.
❤ Hipster: a dark sand / light taupe tan with slight shimmer.
❤ Wild West: a rich rose brown with a matte finish (slightly dry and chalky).
❤ Time Travel: a deep teal with gray undertones and a matte finish. 

And lastly, I picked up the Makeup Geek Vault, which is an empty magnetic palette. It's a lot more sturdy and durable than the Z palettes and I thought this would be perfect to travel with. I think this looks very elegant and luxurious, and I love how it has a huge mirror inside.

Makeup Geek Product Combinations That Fit:

I'm super happy with my new Makeup Geek purchases and can't wait to play around with all of these products! Did you pick anything up from the Makeup Geek sale??
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