Room Decor & Stationary Haul

20 mei 2016 | 2 comments

Hey loves! Here on my blog and on my Youtube channel I have posted tons of hauls, but mostly they're beauty and fashion related. Most of you know that I am quite the makeup addict, but I do enjoy me some room decor and stationary as well. Ever since I painted my room white, I have been redecorating my room and trying to incorporate more colors and some rose-golden touches here and there. I also adore buying new and cute stationary items, which I have since I was a little kid. Because as silly as it sounds, it actually motivates me and helps me stay organized and work/study more. That's why today's post is going to be dedicated to all the new room decor and stationary items I picked up recently!

I discovered a new stationary webshop, Paperchicco, which has become my newest obsession. They sell so much cute stuff and a lot of them are blog-related which is perfect for all of my fellow bloggers out there. Definitely check them out! 

Hema Pens

Primark Rose Gold Cushions €10
Primark Blue Pompons Cushion €10

H&M Copper Plant Pot €5,99

Small Jewelry Tray €4

Am I the only one who enjoys new stationary and room decor this much?? Let me know!

2 opmerkingen

  1. Omg, I love everything! I'm obsessed with the campervan mug, it's so cute!

  2. I've only just seen this post, thank you so much for featuring PaperChicCo, I hope you're still loving your items. Those rose gold cushions are so beautiful!! xx