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Coming Soon: Catrice Sound of Silence


Hey loves! Today I have some exciting beauty news to share with you. Catrice is coming out with a new Summer collection called Sound of Silence, which is inspired by modern nomadic looks and life in the desert. In this collection you can find a lot of mauves and golden highlights and everything you need to achieve luminous bronzed skin. The packaging is very simple, with a lot of golden details and overall beautiful design. Here's an overview of what to the collection will consist of:

Gel Eye Pencil €3,29

❤ Golden Spirit

Pen Stroke Eye Shadow €3,99

❤ Calm Down 'n MAUVE On
❤ Pure Silence

Golden Lip Glow €3,99

❤ Golden Spirit

Fluid Glow €3,99

❤ Golden Spirit

Blush & Bronze €4,99

❤ Desert Flower

Nail Lacquer €2,79

❤ Calm Down 'n MAUVE On
❤ Touched By Peace
❤ Quietude 

In my opinion, this collection is rather small and there were only 2-3 products that spoke to me. Firstly, the fluid glow looks very promising, although I'm not sure how often I would use a liquid bronzer. The blush & bronze duo definitely caught my attention and I'll be picking that one up for sure! Also, the second to last nail polish looks like a gorgeous grey nail polish, which I'm always down for.

The new 'Sound of Silence' limited edition collection by Catrice will be available in stores in July 2016. Did you see any products that you might pick up??

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