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New Essence Mosaic Blushes


The past month or two I have been reviewing a lot of the new Essence and Catrice products here on my blog. But after a while I just think it's getting too much and try to focus on other brands as well. But I still want to review the rest of their gorgeous new products that I've been putting to the test the last couple of weeks. As you might have seen in my Essence haul I posted a while ago, I purchased 3 of these gorgeous new Mosaic Blushes, which I'll be dedicating this post to today. So let's go!

The packaging that the mosaic blushes come in is very basic and typical for Essence. The compact is completely see-through, which is nice since the lid is also clear which makes it easy to instantly see the color. On the back of the packaging you can find a sticker with the name of the shade and also a color indication. The blushes have a beautiful mosaic 3D pattern that looks so fun! Each blush has about 3 different colored triangles, which you can swirl together to get that perfect shade. You could try and pick up only one color out of the 3 triangles, but honestly I think that's almost impossible since the triangles are so teeny-tiny.

The new mosaic blushes come in a total of 4 different shades:
❤ 10 Miss Floral Coral
❤ 20 All You Need Is Pink
❤ 30 Kissed By The Sun
❤ 40 The Berry Connection

I decided to only pick up the first 3 shades. I'm not that into really pinkish blushes recently and I wouldn't wear The Berry Connection that much, so I decided to skip that one!

The first mosaic blush is called Miss Floral Coral which is a pretty warm pink with coral/peachy undertones to it.

Miss Floral Coral is definitely the most pigmented and darkest blush out of the 3. To be honest, it's my least favorite since I prefer a more natural and subtle blush, but nonetheless it's really pretty!

Wearing 'Miss Floral Coral' on my cheeks. 

Next we have All You Need Is Pink, which is a lighter version of Miss Floral Coral. All You Need Is Pink comes with 2 pink shades and a coral, which gives you a gorgeous peachy pink blush once you swirl them all together.

All You Need Is Pink has a nice color pay-off, but isn't as pigmented as Miss Floral Coral, which is what I prefer.

Wearing 'All You Need Is Pink' on my cheeks.

And then last but definitely not least, we have Kissed By The Sun, which is a warm bronzy nude blush.

Kissed By The Sun is definitely my favorite out of the 3 I picked up! It's so gorgeous and I think these kind of bronzy nude blushes just look the best on my skin-tone.

Wearing 'Kissed By The Sun' on my cheeks.

As you can see, all 3 of these blushes have a sheen to them, but they're not glittery whatsoever. They add a nice radiance and freshness to the skin, which is what I love so much about them.

The formula of these blushes is a little bit powdery, but they blend onto the cheeks seamlessly. They have an amazing lasting power, especially for being so inexpensive. Overall, they last about 7-8 hours on my cheekbones before they start to fade away.

I would highly, highly recommend these new mosaic blushes, especially considering that they're super affordable! My favorite one is definitely Kissed By The Sun, which is perfect for the Spring and Summer time.

The new Mosaic Blushes by Essence are now available at Kruidvat and Kruidvat online here for €2,99 (4,5 g). They're so inexpensive and I think Essence did a great job adding these to their permanent line!

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