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New Essence Keep It Perfect Makeup Fixing Spray


Ever since I posted about the new Essence products coming out for Spring & Summer 2016, I had been dying to try out their new make-up fixing spray. I always use the Mac Fix+ or Urban Decay All Nighter but those are both rather expensive. I was really curious to see if this one by Essence would be a great drugstore alternative. So if you're as curious as me to know more about the new Essence Keep It Perfect make-up fixing spray, then just keep on reading!

The bottle of this fixing spray is rather tiny and has a really cute, yet simple design on it. It's a clear bottle and the product comes out through a spray. At first, I was worried that this wouldn't spray evenly or too harsh, but it spritzes the perfect amount.

After doing my face makeup and shaking the bottle, I spray about 3-4 spritzes on my face from a distance. And I must say, I really liked how it felt on my skin. It feels fresh and doesn't make my skin feel sticky or dry whatsoever. It sets my makeup in place and it actually really did prolong the wear time of my makeup. I also used it to dampen my eyeshadow brush, which made my eyeshadow go on super metallic and pigmented.

Normally I don't ever bother to look up ingredients of products, but I was really curious to know what was actually in this spray, so this time I did look up the ingredients.

The ingredients:
So of course, it's mostly water but it also has glycerin in it, which is an ingredient that makes your makeup stick to it. It's the cosmetics 'glue' if you will. I love that this contains glycerin because it makes it the perfect priming and setting mist and it's also perfect to spray onto your makeup brushes for that extra metallic finish of your eyeshadows/highlight. As far as I know, there's no alcohol or perfume in this, which is perfect!

I'm really liking this fixing spray by Essence and I honestly think we have a drugstore dupe for the Mac Fix+ here. It feels so good on the skin, I love how it's fragrance free and I feel like it does an amazing job at prolonging my makeup. It's also amazing to dampen your brushes with!

The Essence Keep It Perfect Make-up Fixing Spray is now available at Kruidvat and online for €2,99 (50 ml).

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