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Makeup Geek Infidelity & Bad Habit Contour Powders


Ever since Makeup Geek has been available on Beautybay.com I have been a Makeup Geek junkie. My extra large Z palette is almost full of their eyeshadows and now I even have their contour powders to add to that! I ordered these a couple of weeks ago whenever they launched on Beautybay and have been using them ever since they came in the mail. So if you want to know my thoughts on them, keep on reading!

The contour pans come in the same cardboard packaging with a clear circle in the middle, just as their eyeshadow and blush pans. Makeup Geek did change up the design. The contour powders come in this fancy Gatsby inspired designed packaging which I'm really digging!

The pans of the contour powders have the same size as Makeup Geek's blushes, which is a lot bigger than their eyeshadow pans. The contour powders are available in 8 different shades, varying in different undertones and skin-tones:

❤ Break UpFor porcelain skin with cool undertones.
❤ Love TriangleFor porcelain to fair skin with warm undertones.
❤ Bad HabitFor fair skin with warm undertones.
❤ InfidelityFor fair to light skin with cool undertones.
❤ Half HeartedFor medium skin with warm undertones.
❤ ComplicatedFor medium skin with cool undertones.
❤ ScandalFor deep skin with cool undertones.
❤ Deal BreakerFor deep skin with warm undertones.

Infidelity is a cool toned contour shade. It's supposed to be perfect for fair to light skin but I definitely think it would work up to medium complexions.

Bad Habit is a warm toned contour shade. Again, it's perfect for fair to light skin-tones but would also work for medium skin-tones.

Both of these contour powders are incredibly smooth and buttery! They don't feel powdery whatsoever and they're extremely pigmented! The first time I applied these I got so scared because it looked so intense but then I quickly realized that they're super easy to blend so it was no big deal. They do have a lot of powder kick-up every time I use them, but I heard that's normal whenever a powder is really pigmented and soft.

The way I personally use these is I apply Infidelity as a contour in the usual '3 form' and then I use Bad Habit as a bronzer and also to blend out the contour. 

I know you can't really see it on my face, but I'm wearing both Infidelity and Bad Habit, I just like to really blend my contour and make it look as natural as possible, which is really easy with these!

The contour powders by Makeup Geek are bomb!! They're so pigmented, smooth and blendeable and I love the color selection they offer. I think these contour pans are perfect if you're a makeup artist but even for personal use they're amazing.

The new Makeup contour pans are available on beautybay.com here for €10,40 (4.25 g). You can also order them directly at makeupgeek.com here for $10 each.

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