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New Beauty Room!


Hi loves! As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the reasons I was absent on my blog besides my exams was this; I have my own beauty room now!! Well, it's actually half of a beauty room, the other half I share with my mom. I'm so so so excited to have all of this space to work with and have fun! I also made a little filming set-up with a small table and my ring-light which is super convenient. I will definitely film my new beauty corner and an updated makeup collection once I'm happy with the way I organized everything!

For now, I'll give you some sneak-peeks!

What do you guys think?? The desk with the two small drawer units is new and the big drawer unit I already owned before. Everything is from Ikea which is really affordable. The only downside is that you have to build everything on your own which isn't something I'm really good at haha! But overall I'm really glad I decided to switch rooms and create my own beauty room ahh!!

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