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H&M Sepia Nail Polish


I have walked past the new H&M beauty counters for so many times now that I decided to finally pick something up from this line and see if I like it or not. I don't know why but for some reason I thought this makeup line would suck and that the quality wouldn't be worth it. But then after hearing a few people talking about some of the products and really liking them I decided to go for this gorgeous nude/mauve/grey nail polish in the shade Sepia.

Sepia is a dusty old pink with mauve undertones and no shimmer. I did expect this shade to turn out a little bit more grayish than it did, but I still think it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Here I applied 3 coats of nail polish. The first time I wore this nail polish I made the mistake of only applying 2 layers which just wasn't opaque enough. Sepia has a sheer finish so you have to build up the color. But that's not such a bad thing since the brush on this polish is nice and large which makes it easy to coat your nails in only a few swipes. The formula applied without any streaks and with a topcoat on top it has a really nice shine to it.

I was pleasantly surprised with how fast this dried and even more surprised that it lasted for more than 3 days on me! It started chipping around the 4 day mark which isn't bad at all!

H&M nail polishes retail for €4,99 each and contain 8 ml of product. You can purchase their beauty line in select stores or you can order the nail polish online here. Definitely try and pick one up if you get the chance, they're amazing especially for the price!

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