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Coming Soon: Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 3 Collection


You guysssssss what are they doing to me??? Zoeva is coming out with yet another new collection, this time they're releasing the 3rd Rose Golden collection with beautiful metallic rose golden brushes and a rose golden blush palette to make the collection complete.

Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 3 €90

The main focus of this collection is definitely their new rose golden brush set. This set comes with 8 different brushes both for the face and eyes.

On the brush set:
After declaring our never ending love for Rose Golden with our stunning Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 collections, what could be a more beautiful way to enrich our brush range than introducing a top to toe Rose Golden Vol. 3 brush edition – the ultimate Rose Golden set and the perfect completion to our extraordinary trilogy.

More than ever, our marvelous ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 3 combines the elegance and grandeur of gold with the playfulness of delicate rose shades, exuding a gracious glamour and an enchanting femininity. The dazzling set comes with eight divine, handcrafted brushes – a harmony of rose golden ferrules and handles, assembled with the finest natural and synthetic hair, stored in an elegant anthracite brush clutch. 

❤ 103 Defined Buffer
❤ 109 Face Paint Vegan
❤ 129 Luxe Fan
❤ 114 Luxe Face Focus

❤ 142 Concealer Buffer
❤ 228 Luxe Crease
❤ 234 Luxe Smoky Shader
❤ 317 Wing Liner

Rose Golden Blush Palette €15

To complement their new brush collection, they will be releasing what they call a blush palette. For me, this looks more like a contour palette with a blush, highlight and bronzer and I'm totally digging it! The packaging is right up alley and looks very chic and the shades look really amazing as well.

On the blush palette:
Emerged from a world of opulence, the precious ZOEVA Rose Golden Blush Palette features a luxuriously coordinated trio of a velvety blush, a luminous highlighter and a magnificent contouring shade to professionally sculpt
the face and brighten the skin complexion.

Worthy of a queen, the rose-toned satin blush adds a royal touch of color and freshness to the cheeks, while the darker contour hue enhances definition and the luminizer brightens the face, adding an illuminating veil of radiance. The lightweight texture blends seamlessly and easily with the skin, resulting in a flawless, natural-looking glow. 

I can't wait until this collection is launched and this just makes me love their brand even more! I really like how they often combine a brush set with a new eyeshadow or blush palette. The press release didn't really mention if the brushes will be sold individually as well, but if they are I'll definitely be getting the fan brush and maybe a few of the eyeshadow brushes as well! The Rose Golden Vol. 3 collection will be available from February 29 so mark your calendar loves!

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