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Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Pure Hollywood' Liquid Lipstick


Can you believe that I'm not even done reviewing all of my US purchases?? I went to California in September which is almost 6 months ago, I need to step up my game!! That's why today's post is dedicated to one of those purchases, a liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in Pure Hollywood. As I have mentioned in my US hauls, we went to her brow salon in Beverly Hills where we found all of her (hard to get) liquid lipsticks and other makeup. Secretively, I was hoping we would see her in the salon, but of course she wasn't there. But I did manage to get my hands on Pure Hollywood and Sepia as well as one of her eyeshadow palettes. If you're intreated in knowing my opinions on the Pure Hollywood liquid lipstick, keep on reading! 

The packaging of this liquid lipstick is very typical ABH: simple, classy and elegant. The top of the tube is silver and the tube itself has golden details and her name on it. The shade indication is found on the bottom. 

Pure Hollywood is part of her permanent line and there are 22 different shades in her liquid lipsticks. 

Pure Hollywood is a pale nude with mauve undertones. It dries down to matte finish and really stays on the lips for hours and hours.

As you can see by looking at the swatch, it's a beautiful everyday shade and the coverage is very opaque. 

I did notice how the formula of Pure Hollywood tended to accentuate the lines on my lips and what bothered me even more is the fact that after about an hour I start to get this ugly white line on the inner part of my lips. That's something that really really really annoyed me and definitely a part of the reason why I don't wear this shade too often. 

However, Pure Hollywood does feel very comfortable on my lips, as far as a liquid lipstick can be comfortable but I just really dislike that white inner line.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pure Hollywood liquid lipstick is available online on her website for $20 (3,2 g). I love the formula of her liquid lipsticks and also adore the shade of Pure Hollywood, but I absolutely hate how it has that white inner-line on my lips, such a bummer! I have tried a few of her other (darker) liquid lipsticks, which luckily don't have that problem. So I would definitely recommend her liquid lipsticks, just not this shade. 

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