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New NYC 'Fashion Forward' Matte Me Crazy Matte Nail Polish


2015 was definitely the year of matte everything for me. Matte lips, matte nails, matte eyeshadow,... Everything except my face had to be matte. I like my skin to look very dewy, with a touch of matte. But I also like my nails to look matte from time to time. Usually, I'll just apply a mattifying top-coat over my nail polish, but sometimes I like to buy a matte nail polish as well. So when I walked passed the NYC display and saw that they had come out with matte nail polishes, I couldn't help myself and had to try one out. NYC has my favorite drugstore nail polishes, so I was really curious to see if these matte nail polishes were as good as their regular ones.

The new Matte Me Crazy nail polishes come in the same packaging as the Shine In A Minute, which are my favorite nail polishes from the drugstore. The only difference is that the writing on the bottle is matte and not shiny. I personally really like these bottles since they're not too bulky, they look elegant and they don't look too cheap.

These new matte nail polishes are available in 3 different shades:
Run The Show (red)
❤ Fashion Forward 
❤ Glamorous Look (black)

Fashion Forward is a grayish nude, with a matte finish. It doesn't have any shimmer or sparkle in it, it just looks very matte. The applicator is the same as their other nail polishes, very large which makes it easy to coat your nails with just 1 or 2 swipes. Although it is a matte, this nail polish doesn't apply or dry streaky, it applies super even and is really easy to work with. This formula dries relatively fast, which is another great thing! I can't really say if they stay on the nails for a very long time since I've only been wearing it for 1 day, but so far so good!

Fashion Forward reminds me of a mixture between Sand Tropez and Urban Jungle by Essie, just with a matte finish. Those Essie nail polishes happen to be one of my favorites so you can imagine how fond I am of this shade! 

Overall I'm really pleased with this new matte nail polish, I adore the color and the quality is really good. It has a beautiful matte finish and just looks very pretty on my nails. The new Matte Me Crazy nail polish range by NYC is now available at your local Kruidvat or online for €2,49 (9,7 ml).

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