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Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette


From the moment I heard Zoeva was coming out with a new palette filled with cooler taupe shades, I knew I had to get my hands on it one way or the other. I was so pleasantly surprised by their Cocoa Blend palette that I had a feeling I was going to love this one as well, but you can never be too sure without actually trying it out. So when I saw that it was available on their website I didn't hesitate once and made my order. Two days later it arrived at my doorstep and today I'm sharing my thoughts on this beautiful palette. 

The Zoeva En Taupe palette comes in a slim and compact packaging that is made out of a sturdy cardboard material. It comes with a paper sleeve that has the same design as the palette itself. The thing I love about this packaging is that it is super thin and has the same dimensions and packaging as their other palette which makes these perfect to store in your collection. It has a magnetic closure and doesn't have a mirror inside, which is something I don't really mind since I never tend to use those mirrors. 

The design is inspired by "previous fabrics, it alludes to a tailor-made silk robe that flows gracefully with every movement". It has brown-taupe packaging with light reflecting strips as details. I think they did an amazing job on the packaging, yet again. 

No Parabens // No mineral oils // No fragrances // No phthalates // Superior pigmentation // Easy to blend // With vitamin E // Made in Italy  

The En Taupe palette comes with 10 warm and cool toned taupe shades with different finishes. Since I've been using more cool toned shades lately I thought this palette was absolutely perfect for me!

Stitch By Stitch: a warm beige with a matte finish.
❤ Handmade: a rose-gold with a frosted finish.
❤ Gallery: a cool-toned grey with a matte finish. 
❤ Hour By Hour: a warm peachy cream with a rosy/taupe undertone and a matte finish. 
❤ Old Master: a matte grey-brown that has rose-gold micro shimmer in it.

Stitch By Stitch was just a little bit powdery but easy to apply and blend. It's the perfect base color of brow-bone highlight! Handmade is one of my favorite shades in this palette, it's extremely soft and has amazing pigmentation. Gallery is the perfect transition shade or it would also look amazing on the actual eyelids. It could've used just a little bit more pigmentation but it blends really nicely, same with Hour By Hour which is also an amazing transition shade. Old Master is really unique and different. It's really soft and easy to blend but I wish it has a little bit more pigmentation. 

❤ Spun Pearl: a beautiful cool-toned pearl with a pearl finish. 
❤ Sheers & Voiles: a very light grey with a light-reflecting pink undertone and a satin finish. 
❤ Outline: a darker taupe with a duochrome finish. 
❤ Wrapped In Silk: a medium-toned grey with a pearl finish. 
❤ Exquisite: a grayish plum with a matte finish. 

Spun Pearl and Sheer & Voiles look a bit similar but Sheers & Voiles has a more pinky reflection. Spun Pearl has better pigmentation than Sheer & Voiles. Outline is very pigmentation and an easy to blend shade that looks so beautiful, as well as Wrapped In Silk. Exquisite also has really nice color pay-off. It was just a little bit drying but it was easy to apply and blend. 

My favorite shades are definitely Handmade, Outline and Exquisite but I honestly adore every single shade in this palette. 

I adore the color selection in this palette, but the only thing I'm missing (and would change) is a deeper shade to darken up my outer V more. Old Master and Exquisite are super pretty to apply in the crease / outer V, but in my opinion they're not dark enough for a smoky eye, but that's just my opinion. 

As you can see by looking at the swatches, most of the shadows are super pigmented and have great color pay-off! They're really blendeable and don't crease on me. I don't experience any fall-out with these either but I did notice that by the end of the day my eyeshadow looked just a little less intense then when I first applied it in the morning, but nothing too noticeable or deal-breaking. 

I started off by applying Stitch By Stitch all over my lid as a base shade. Then I applied Hour By Hour as a transition shade, as well as Gallery. Then I darkened up my outer V and crease with Exquisite and blended that out with a little bit of Old Master. I applied Handmade all over my lid and used Spun Pearl to highlight the brow-bown and inner corner. 

I'll be doing a tutorial with this palette soon, so definitely keep an eye out on my Youtube channel if you're interested in seeing that! 

After falling head over heals in love with my Cocoa Blend palette, I'm super excited that this palette didn't let me down either. I adore the shade selection and again, the shadows are really pigmented and the quality is amazing. If you loved the Cocoa Blend palette as much as I did and you're into more cooler toned shades, this palette is definitely one to consider! But if you're not really into cool tones you might want to skip this palette. 

Each pan contains 1.5 g, so the palette itself contains 15 g. Considering that the palette retails for €17,50 and it has 10 shadows in it, makes it €1,75 per eyeshadow which is ridiculously cheap if you ask me. 

The new Zoeva En Taupe eyeshadow palette is available on zoeva.com here for €17,50 and they ship worldwide. You do have to keep in mind that have to pay shipping costs. Another option for my Dutch and Belgian readers would be to order this palette on douglas.nl here for €18,95, without any shipping costs. Personally, I ordered my palette on zoeva.com since I purchased a few brushes as well and it only took 2 business days to arrive which is relatively fast. 

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