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Physicians Formula 'Rose' Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil Blush


There's nothing more satisfying to the eye than makeup with beautiful designs and gorgeous packaging. And if there's a brand that gets what I'm trying to say here, it's definitely Physicians Formula. Not only are their products formulated without any of the crappy ingredients, the quality is amazing and the packaging is to die for. So you can imagine my excitement when I was able to get my hands on 2 of their products with a huge sale in the US! I think it was at CVS (I might be wrong) where I purchased 2 of their products, the second one 70% off!! That's insane, considering how expensive Physicians Formula is at Di. I'll be talking about the second product very soon, but today's post is dedicated to this very pretty (and newish) organ wear blush. 

The Argan Wear blush has a gorgeous golden packaging with a huge see-through lid. The blush itself has the prettiest design ever and looks gorgeous in the pan! It has golden shimmer accents and has about 3 different shades of pink. 

This blush also comes with a mirror and small brush, which makes the packaging a bit bulky, but perfect to throw in your purse and use on the go. 

Rose is a beautiful medium rosy pink with warm undertones and a satin finish (once you get passed the overspray). Once you swirl all the different shades of pink together you get the prettiest pinky blush that adds radiance to the skin and also has amazing color pay-off.

As you can see, this blush is highly pigmented! I did swatch this with the overspray so do keep in mind that it has less golden shimmer in it once you get passed the overspray. Once the glittery overspray is all gone it has a beautiful satin finish on the cheekbones.

The texture of this blush is amazingly soft and smooth, not powdery at all! It blends really easily and stays on for a good 6 hours. It is quite intense, so definitely use a light hand with this one! 

This blush does have a strong perfume scent, which may cause irritation on some skin-types, even though they claim it's hypoallergenic. The scent goes away immediately after application so personally I'm fine with it but if you don't like strong scents in your makeup products, this might not be a product for you. 

Even though I'm not the biggest fan of powders with overspray, I was really impressed with this one once I got passed the very glittery overspray. It has amazing color pay-off and I think it's a beautiful shade.

I purchased my Physicians Formula Argan Wear blush in 'Rose' from CVS in the States but you can get your hands on this one even if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands since Di recently started carrying this brand. I know it retails for $12,95 in the US, so I'm guessing it will retail for about €13 (7g) here. 

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