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Maybelline Better Skin Foundation & Concealer


I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've been back from California! It feels like I just got back yesterday. Time goes by way too fast! I still have so much items to share with you guys that I purchased in the States, it's insane actually. Some of those products I have been able to try out for 2 months now, including the Maybelline Better Skin foundation and concealer. I had heard so many amazing things about these two that I had to take advantage of the opportunity and pick them both up. So if you're interested in knowing my thoughts on this duo, keep on reading! 

Starting off with the concealer, it comes in small tube that has a dough-foot applicator. The packaging has beautiful blue accents, matching the whole 'Better Skin' line. 

I purchased mine in the shade 10 Ivory, which is the lightest shade available in this line. There are 6 shades to choose from, which is a rather large range of shades, especially for a concealer.

This concealer has a rather thick consistency but blends out beautifully with a very natural looking finish. It feels super light on the skin and covers dark spots pretty well. It does crease just a little bit on me, even if I set it with a powder but that's quite normal. I have a ton of fine lines underneath my eyes and concealer tends to always crease right there. 

The foundation comes a glass jar with a pump, which is absolutely amazing. I hate when foundations don't come with pumps and I don't really understand how difficult it could be to add a pump! It has the same blue accents as the concealer does and I think it looks very sleek and not cheap at all! I got mine in the shade 20 Classic Ivory, which is a perfect match for my skin-tone. My skin definitely has a yellow undertone and this matches it perfectly. There are 12 shades available in this line, which is a mediocre shade selection if you ask me.

Maybelline claims this foundation has medium to full coverage, but I definitely think it's more medium and not full. This foundation is buildeable, but I wouldn't go as far to say that it provides the skin with full coverage. I apply it with a damp beauty sponge and press it into the skin, which gives it a really beautiful and natural looking finish. At first, it has a matte finish but the longer I wear it the more my oils come through which makes it look more dewy. 

This foundation wears well on me for about 6 hours before it starts to fade away. I always apply a primer underneath my foundation and set it with a powder. If you don't, it might fade away just a little bit quicker than 6 hours. A great thing about this foundation is that it has SPF15, which is amazing! 

Both of the products are oil free and claim to improve the skin's look in only 3 weeks, which I haven't noticed at all. I don't get how wearing any makeup could improve your skin one bit, but luckily that's not the reason I bought the foundation and concealer in the first place. 

Without any makeup // Wearing only the foundation 

Foundation + unblended concealer // Foundation + blended concealer // Final makeup look

Both the foundation and concealer have become one of my favorites, especially the concealer is amazing! I don't really believe my skin is getting better, but they both have an amazing finish and they're not heavy or cake-y, which is exactly what I like. The foundation and concealer would work on almost every skin-type, from dry to oily. 

I purchased both the foundation and concealer at Ulta, which is a huge makeup store in America. You can find them online here and here

I do think this foundation is available here in Belgium and The Netherlands, but in another packaging. I'm not sure if it's the exact same formula or shades, but it has the same name. It's available online here for €13,99, but unfortunately our drugstores don't carry the concealer anywhere. 

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