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Mac 'Oh, Darling' Extra Dimension Skinfinish


I knew I had to get my hands on this beautiful new highlight by Mac from the moment I saw the campaign for this collection. The highlight I'm talking about is called 'Oh, Darling' and it's part of the Magic Of The Night holiday collection which means it's a limited edition product. I also knew that it would be sold-out almost immediately so it wasn't going to be easy to get it. Luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on it the morning it launched in stores! So if you want to know my thoughts on the Oh, Darling Extra Dimension Skinfinish, keep on reading! 

Oh, Darling Extra Dimension Skinfinish comes in this beautiful metallic royal blue packaging that looks absolutely amazing and festive, especially when it catches the light. The highlight itself has a gorgeous striped pattern that has the Mac logo on the bottom. 

I have heard a lot of people say that Oh, Darling looks very similar to Whisper Of Gilt, which was a limited edition highlight Mac came out a couple of years ago and everybody was talking about it. 

Oh Darling is a warm metallic gold. It's very similar to Laura Geller's Gilded Honey, almost identical actually. 

This highlight has such a beautiful and intense metallic sheen, which I really like in a highlight. It reflects the light on your cheekbones so nicely and it looks stunning. 

The texture of this highlight is really soft, not too powdery and blended perfectly onto my skin. I used the Real Techniques Setting Brush to apply this one, but if you would like it to be less intense you could also opt for a fan brush. Even though I adore this highlight, I have come to the conclusion that once you get used to the Becca highlighters, you don't get impressed with highlighters that easily anymore. But nonetheless, this highlight was able to impress me and it's now one of my favorite highlighters to use. 

The Oh, Darling highlight lasted pretty much all day on my cheekbones, I would say that it started to fade just a little bit after about 8-9 hours which is pretty impressive. 

Capturing the beauty of this highlight on camera was so difficult to do. I feel like every single time I want to take pictures of my highlight it never looks as intense as it does in person, but believe me it's stunning in real life! I used a little bit of Mac Fix+ to dampen my brush and make the highlight pop even more since I love an intense highlighted cheekbone lately! 

Oh, Darling is such a beautiful and pigmented highlight, I'm so happy I was able to get my hands on this beauty. I'm really bummed it's already sold out online, but maybe you can still get your hands on it in stores! The Oh, Darling Extra Dimension Skinfinish is part of their Magic Of The Night holiday collection and retails for €34,50 (9 g). I have a feeling this one will be sold on eBay for a ridiculous price, so if you really want it you might get another chance on eBay. 

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