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Too Faced ❤ Vegas Nay Stardust Eyeshadow Palette


I have been following Instagram queen Vegas Nay for a while now and I admire everything she posts on there. I could spend hours just scrolling through her feed and getting inspired. So when I heard she was teaming up with Too Faced (which is a brand I really like), I knew I would be head over heals in love with whatever they would come up with. At first, I thought I would never be able to get my hands on it since it is a limited edition palette that is exclusive to Ulta. But when I heard that it would be available during my stay in California, I was stoked! So of course, on the day it was released I hurried on over to the nearest Ulta and grabbed my very own Stardust palette! 

The Stardust palette comes in the cutest packaging ever. It is made out of a solid cardboard material and closes magnetically. It is very slim and compact and weighs almost nothing. I do wish it came with a mirror inside, which it doesn't but that's about the only thing I don't like about the packaging. The design is very girly and adorable with the light pink 'sparkles' and black and gold font.

The inside is also gold and it comes with 12 different shades. Each of the shades have Vegas related or social media related names which I think is so fun and original! This palette also comes with a pigment, an eyeshadow primer and a mascara; so basically everything you need to make your eyes look all fancy.

The first 6 shades are all on the more neutral side with a few crease shades as well as some highlighting shades and 2 beautiful shimmery shadows.

The last 6 shares are definitely more out-going with a few purples, an intense gold, black and burgundy.

Chandelier: a creamy white with a satin finish
❤ Millenial: a warm peachy brown with a matte finish
❤ Girl's Night: a medium/dark brown with warm undertones and a matte finish
❤ #Selfie: a peachy white with a metallic sheen
❤ Showgirl: a coppery warm brown with a metallic finish
❤ Jackpot: a reddish dark brown with golden sparkle

Chandelier was super soft and blendeable and really easy to work with, as was Millenial which is the perfect transition shade to apply in the crease. Girl's Night was a bit powdery but really pigmented and again, easy to blend. #Selfie has a really smooth texture. Showgirl was just the same as #Selfie texture-wise but just a bit more pigmented. Jackpot had really great color pay-off, but the sparkle wasn't really noticeable on the eyelids. 

❤ Pink Pearl: a light pink with cooler undertones and a sheen
❤ The Strip: a pinky mauve with a metallic sheen
❤ Follow Me: a medium brown with cool undertones and a sheen
❤ Double Tap: a medium/dark burgundy brown with subtle shimmer
❤ Golden Nugget: a yellow gold with a lot of sparkle
❤ Sin City: a dark black with a matte finish

Pink Pearl had a really nice texture and was really blendeable. The Strip was a bit dry and powdery and had a lot of fall-out when used dry. Follow Me and Double Tap were really pigmented and easy to blend. Golden Nugget was beautiful when applied with a damp brush but there was a bit of fall-out. Sin City isn't the blackest black, but it works! 

I love the color selection in this palette. It's rather unique for a palette to combine neutrals and more colorful eyeshadows as well as some sparkles and matte shades. 

Aside from The Strip, which was the shadow I liked the least, I think the quality of these eyeshadows is amazing! With an eyeshadow primer, they last all day on my eyes and they're all really blendeable. I also like that I get everything I need in this palette without having to grab for another palette or eyeshadow. I have my transition shades, crease colors, neutrals, pop of color, highlighting shadows,... basically everything you would need to create a beautiful eyeshadow look. 

This palette is also really versatile. You could opt for a neutral everyday look or go full-on glam with this palette.

As I mentioned, the Stardust palette comes with a Shadow Insurance anti-crease eyeshadow primer. It's a really decent size (5g) and I think this is a great eyeshadow primer. I have used it before and it works. It's not the best primer ever, but it keeps my eyeshadow in place throughout the day, which is all I need.

There's also a Better Than Sex mascara that comes with this palette (4,8g). I have used this mascara before and must say I'm not the biggest fan. It's not a bad mascara, but I just don't understand what the fuzz is all about. I think a drugstore mascara does the same thing to my lashes.

And lastly, this palette also comes with a Glamour Dust pigment in the shade 'Nude Beam' (0,60g)which is a sparkly golden beige. This is definitely one of those pigments you want to apply with a damp brush for the best color pay-off. You also want to use a glitter glue or primer with this pigment, otherwise you would have a lot of fall-out with this one.

You also get a few charts with looks Vegas Nay created and instructions on the back of how to achieve them. I think that's a really nice extra touch and makes this palette even more fun and perfect for beginners as well as makeup lovers.

I used the Shadow Insurance, a few eyeshadows from the palette as well as the Nude Beam pigment and topped it off with the Better Than Sex mascara.

Even though the Stardust palette is a limited edition palette and only exclusively available at Ulta, I still wanted to share this beautiful palette with you guys. I'm so bummed that we can't order off off Ulta's website here in Belgium or The Netherlands, but if you happen to be going to the US or you have a friend that is going or you happen to live in the US, definitely add this palette to your shopping list! 

The Too faced ❤ Vegas Nay Stardust palette is currently still available on Ulta's website here for $45. That may seem like a lot of money but considering you get 12 eyeshadows, a primer, mascara and pigment, I think it's actually rather affordable! Plus, this palette is just a must-have for any makeup lover! 

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