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New E.l.f. Defining Mascara & Lash Tint Mascara


Most of you know I'm a huge fan of E.l.f. They're an affordable brand and so far, most of their products really managed to impress me. In September they came out with a bunch of new products, which I talked about in a post a few weeks ago. Since then, I have tried out their new Blending Brush as well as their new Everyday Smoky Eyeshadow Palette which I really liked. I was also sent their new Defining Mascara and Lash Tint Mascara to try out, which I'm going to write about in today's post. 

Both of these mascaras have very similar packaging. They both come in a metallic silver packaging with black details. The Defining mascara contains 10ml of product, the Lash Tint mascara 8ml. 

The Defining mascara has a rubber wand and the formula is infused with microfibers which should make your eyelashes look fuller and add more volume, which sounds really promising!

Although it all sounds very promising, the Defining mascara didn't add any volume to my lashes and definitely didn't make them any fuller. At most, it added some blackness to my lashes but that's about it. 

The Lash Tint mascara has a very tiny and small wand that makes it easy to coat every single lash starting from the base. I also thought this mascara would be amazing to apply on my bottom lashes. 

Even though the wand looked very promising to me, this mascara didn't do anything for my lashes. It was sticky and didn't dry. It smudged and didn't really add a lot of volume to my lashes.

As you can see in the pictures above, these mascaras don't really do much. I'm wearing the Defining mascara on my upper lashes and the Lash Tint mascara on my bottom lashes. They do add some blackness and a little bit of volume to my lashes, but that's about it. They stay a bit tacky and don't really dry completely, so every time I would blink or close my eyes my upper and bottom lashes would kind of stick together, which is super annoying. For me, these mascaras are definitely not the best ones out there. However, they both do a nice job at separating the lashes and they don't get clumpy, so I would recommend using them as a base for another mascara, but definitely not to use on their own. 

The Defining mascara and Lash Tint mascara are both available on E.l.f.'s website for €5 each. Even though these didn't really work for me, that doesn't mean they wouldn't work for you so if you were debating on getting them, I would suggest purchasing one of them and trying it out for yourself! I adore E.l.f. as a brand, they have so much affordable makeup and I love most of their products, but these mascaras just weren't one of them. 

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