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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips (Beeper, Midi, Trap & Bumble)


Colourpop is one of those brands I always wanted to order a bunch of stuff off but was never able to since they don't ship to my country. They only ship to the US, Canada and Australia, which really sucks. But since I was in California about a month ago I took advantage of the opportunity and placed an order on their site and had it shipped to where we were staying. I purchased a lot of different items, amongst them these four beautiful Ultra Matte Lips. 

The Ultra Matte Lips come in these beautiful transparant tubes with silver details. They look really chic and expensive and they remind me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks when it comes to the packaging. They come in 38 different shades all very beautiful and rather unique. 

Beeper is a warm dark rosy brown with taupe undertones. It's the darkest shade out of the four and my favorite. I love how dark it is!

Midi is a light nude beige shade with a pink undertone. It's the lightest shade out of the four shades I got and it's stunning. 

Midi is more on the subtle side and you might want to apply about 2 coats for the color to look really intense.

Trap is a greyish pinky mauve. It's such a pretty and wearable shade, perfect for everyday wear! 

Bumble is a dusty rosy terracotta with warm undertones. It looks more red in the pictures than it is in real life. It has more of a terracotta undertone and it looks absolutely amazing! 

This shade is perfect for Fall and I think it would suit so many different skin-tones! 

The name 'Ultra Matte Lips' is definitely one that suits these liquid lipsticks. They dry into a super matte finish, almost like paint on your lips. It doesn't take long for them to dry either and once they're dry, they're not going anywhere. I adore these liquid lipsticks and how dry they are but there's one thing I'm not really liking with these. Once you eat something or after a few hours they start to crumble a bit on the inside of my lips which is a bit annoying. It's not that they're not wearable anymore, they're just not as beautiful as before.

Apart from the fact that these liquid lipsticks start to flake on me after eating or after a couple of hours of wear, I do really like these. I adore all the shades I got and how matte they dry and how they look on my lips. They're not the most comfortable lip products to wear, but no liquid lipstick is really comfortable to be honest. 

The Ultra Matte Lips by Colourpop are available on their website for $6 (3,2g) which is such a steal! I'm so bummed that they don't ship to our country, but I heard they are working on it!  I know this sucks and we'll have to be patient but if you happen to know someone who is going to the US or who lives there, definitely give these a try! 

For those of you who are wondering, I was able to purchase these on my recent trip to California. We were staying at a house for about 3 days and I was able to order and ship my package to the address of the owner, she was super sweet and helpful! 

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