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My Life In Pictures #6: California Part 2


Heeyyyyy! I know I've been back for almost a week now, but I thought it would still be fun to show you guys the rest of my California vacation. As I mentioned in part 1, I decided to split this up into 3 parts and today I'm showing you part 2 of my amazing vacation!

Saturday 5th of September

The day after we visited Yosemite we did some grocery shopping and got some Starbucks, of course! Starbucks is so much cheaper in the US than here in Belgium, it's actually pretty insane.

Sunday 6th of September

On Sunday we visited Santa Cruz beach and had a fun beach day.

Monday 7th of September

Monday we went to Monterey, which is such a beautiful city! 

Monterey also had an 'Old Fisherman's Wharf' which was super fun and cute! We saw some  seals in the ocean and the water just looked amazing, so blue and pure.

For dinner we went to a local Mexican place and it was so good! I had some tortillas with shrimp, my mouth is actually watering now that I think about it.

Tuesday 8th of September

On Tuesday my day started off by making an Instagram picture of my amazing new Stardust palette by Too Faced, which is in collaboration with Vegas Nay. After that, we went to the pool for a couple of hours.

It was a perfect day to lay out by the pool and get some tan on. It was sooo hot!! 

After the pool we went to freshen ourselves up and decided to visit Carmel, which is beautiful town by the sea. It's actually the town where Clint Eastwood has a home!

I enjoyed this little town so much, it was very clean and had an amazing view of the ocean.

Wednesday 9th of September

Wednesday we took the car and went to Big Sur, which about 2 hours away. This place was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! I liked it even more than Yosemite!

Ahhh this view is to die for, isn't it??

We stopped along the road to took some amazing pictures and went on some hikes. Some of the hikes were too high for me, since I have a huge fear of heights, but I just waited in the car on the others.

We were able to see some see-elephants, which were so huge and fat and awesome!! We also had the amazing luck of actually seeing whales far away in the ocean!

The third and last part of my California vacation will be up this week! Also, I already edited my vlogs so they'll be up on my channel soon as well! :)


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