New Catrice Prime And Fine Professional Contouring Palette

8 augustus 2015 | 9 comments

Contouring, highlighting, strobing,... it seems to be all the rage these days. I see so many brands coming out with their own contour palettes, it's insane! Unfortunately, most of those brands tend to be higher-end ones. That's why I was so pleased to see Catrice releasing their own contouring palette! This palette was one of the products from their new Fall/Winter 2015 update I was most excited about. Luckily for me, I was able to get my hands on it this week and now I'm finally able to review this palette for you guys. 

The packaging of the new Prime and Fine professional contouring palette is very sleek, simple and classy-looking. The compact is slim and not heavy at all, which makes this your perfect travel-buddy! The lid is see-through, which you know I love. That way it's very easy to see the product without having to open it. This palette comes with a highlighting powder and a contour powder that is about double the size of the highlighter. This makes sense since you tend to use just a very small amount of highlighter and a little bit more of the contouring powder. 

What's also really great about this product and the packaging is that it comes with instructions on the back, so if you're a beginner at contouring and you want to know how to use this palette, you could use those instructions.

The Prime and Fine professional contouring palette is available in 2 different shades:

Ashy Radiance
❤ Warm Harmony

I went for the palette in Ashy Radiance, since it had a more cool-toned bronzer and the highlighting powder was less yellow-toned. 

Ashy Radiance has a light-warm pearly highlight with a golden rosé shimmer in it. The contour powder is a light ashy medium-toned shade. 

Both of the powders have a similar texture. They feel just a little bit powdery, yet they blend very nicely and have great pigmentation. 

The powders aren't super long-wearing, but they easily survive the 7 hours mark. I personally think both of these powders look really beautiful on my skin. The contouring powder is more on the subtle side, but you can easily build up the intensity. The same goes for the highlighter, once you build it up, you get such a gorgeous highlight that's really noticeable on the face, but you could also keep it very natural and subtle. 

I was so pleased with this drugstore contouring palette! I didn't think it would be as good as my higher-end ones, but it actually comes pretty close. The powders are pigmented, they blend easily and look really good on the skin. Especially the highlighting powder really surprised me! It's very noticeable, which isn't always the case with drugstore highlighters. Way to go Catrice! 

The new Catrice Prime and Fine professional contouring palette in Ashy Radiance is now available at your local kruidvat and online for €4,59 (10g), which super affordable! 

9 opmerkingen

  1. Ziet er inderdaad een fijn product uit!

  2. I might have to give this a go! It looks great! And I especially like that the bronzer part is a bit more cool-toned, yet still subtle. Thanks for the review & especially for the face swatches!

    x Julia | Wing Me a Dream

  3. Good job Catrice! Love the highlighter!

  4. De foto's zijn erg mooi en het palette lijkt me super! De highlighter is inderdaad rpachtig op je gezicht! xx

  5. Wat een fijne review! Misschien moet ik deze ook maar aanschaffen!

  6. Well this seems worth the try. Looks really good :)

  7. Deze wil ik ook echt een gaan kopen! P.s. welke lipstick draag je hier? Echt heel tof!