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New Catrice 'Champagne Campaign' Highlighting Powder


I have been reviewing a bunch of new products from the Fall/Winter Catrice update and have loved every single one of them. Today I decided to post about one of the most exiting items in my opinion, which is one of their new highlighting powders in Champagne Campaign. My eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful product and I couldn't wait to try it out for myself, especially since finding an amazing highlight at the drugstore can be tricky. If you want to know what I personally think of this new highlight, keep on reading! 

These new highlighters are truly eye-catching: they have such a pretty pattern which you can see right through the clear lid. The packaging is somewhat basic and typical Catrice, very sleek and luxurious looking.

The new highlighting powders by Catrice are new additions to their permanent line and there are 2 different shades available:

❤ Stardust
❤ Champaign Campagne

Champagne Campaign is the more bronzy highlight out of the two. It's a champagne pearly shade that looks more warm-toned in the pan than it actually does in swatches. On my skin, it looks more cool-toned and the bronze doesn't really show up that much. Nonetheless, I'm absolutely loving how it looks on me, a pale shimmery, champagne highlight.

As you can see in the swatch, it's very pigmented and has amazing color pay-off! But you also notice that it looks more cool-toned than it does in the pan. I also noticed that it has a pink iridescence to it in some lights.

The texture of this highlight is very soft and not too powdery at all. It blends seamlessly onto the skin and adds such a pretty radiance to the cheeks. The shimmer isn't too harsh or noticeable, it just adds dewiness to the skin and makes it look more luminous and healthy. 

Ahhh how cute is this chesterfield-like pattern??? Even after using this highlight for a couple of times it doesn't fade away!

I think that these new highlighting powders by Catrice are definitely the stars of their assortment update! They're so beautiful and I'm really glad I finally found some amazing highlighting powders at the drugstore that are affordable. I'll definitely try to get my hands on Stardust on my next trip to the city!

The new highlighting powders by Catrice are now available at Kruidvat and Kruidvat.nl for €3,99 (5g) and I would totally suggest getting your hands on at least one of them! 

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