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Case Mate Sheer Glam Phone Case From Gsmpunt.nl


I had been looking for a new phone case ever since I got my iPhone 6 about 6 months ago. At first, I got a clear phone case that was really cheap and I wasn't pleased with it. It didn't protect my phone that well, felt a bit cheap and was already full of scratches by the second week I got it. So when I was contacted by gsmpunt.nl to try out one of their phone cases, you can imagine how excited I was. 

Once I started browsing through all the iPhone 6 cases my eyes immediately fell on this one by Case Mate. It's a dual protection case, which means that it covers everything, even the sides of my phone. 

I chose a see-through case simply because I love the gold in my phone and I want to be able to still see it, even with a cover. The reason I fell in love with the Sheer Glam phone case in Champagne is because it has little golden sparkle captured in a glossy and see-through case that just looks so classy and fancy. 

The case itself feels so sturdy and it protects my iphone very well. It also has golden details on the buttons, which is also a nice little bonus! 

I am so happy with my new phone case! It looks very fancy and glamorous and I love that I can still see the gold and how protected my phone is right now. Also, I was really pleased with their website. The shipping is free, the delivery is super fast and they have an excellent return policy.

The Case Mate Sheer Glam phone case is available on gsmpunt.nl for €34,95. They also have tons of other phone accessories that are definitely worth checking out! You can get the exact same case as mine here
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