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Essence Arriba! Blush in 'Baila, Baila'


It's been a while since Essence got me excited about their Trend Editions, but the newest Arriba! collection did manage to spark my intrest. Especially the blush really appealed to me. The marble print looked very interesting and I thought I would give it a go. The Arriba! collection is inspired by Mexico, with lots of bright and colorful items that really scream Summer if you ask me.

The Baila, Baila blush comes in a simple round-shaped packaging with a clear lid. I think they could've done a better job with the design, instead they just wrote 'Arriba' on the lid and that's it. I really wish they would've put a little bit more effort into the packaging. On the other hand, I really like that the lid is clear, that way it's easy to see the color. Also, it feels quite sturdy and not cheap at all. 

Baila, Baila is a light pink with subtle orange undertones. It has pink, coral and red in it and once you swirl all of the colors together you get a pretty sheer light pink blush that has a subtle coral undertone.

The texture was just a little bit powdery, but still it blended onto the skin really nicely. The pigmentation is average and you definitely have to build up the color. I read on a few other blogs that the pigmentation is great and that you have to be careful not to apply too much, but I don't really agree with that. On me, I really had to swirl my brush a couple of times and build up the color on my cheeks for it to show up. That's I would say that it's more of a sheer-toned blush on me. It did stay in place throughout the day, but maybe after about 6 hours it could use some touching up.

If you're into really intense and pigmented blushes, this one might not be for you. But if you like a more subtle blush Baila, Baila will be right up your alley! Once you swirl all the colors together you get a sheer light pink shade that adds just a light pop of color on your cheeks. I've been wearing this blush constantly since I got it about a week ago, which says enough since I own probably 30 blushes. 

The Essence Arriba! collection is available now at Kruidvat stores until the end of August. The Baila, Baila blush retails for €2,99 (9g) and I would totally recommend you try to get your hands on it before it's too late!

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