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Zoeva 'Easy Spirit' Luxe Cream Lipstick


It's been a while since I've been head over heals in love with a lipstick. Well, that has changed since about a week ago. I ordered a Zoeva Luxe Cream lipstick in the shade 'Easy Spirit' and I just can't get enough of it! 

The packaging of Zoeva's lipsticks is to die for. It honestly feels so expensive and luxurious and it also looks that way. The lipstick comes in a shiny gunmetal packaging that closes magnetically. I don't know what it is, but packaging that closes magnetically makes me think of expensive products, it's just very satisfying to me. 

The Luxe Cream lipsticks come in 9 different shades, ranging from pinks to nudes to vampy purples.

Easy Spirit is a pale peachy/beige nude shade. At first, I was a bit scared that it would look too nude or pale on my lips, but I absolutely love it. It's different than all of the other nudes that I own, which is always fun to add to my collection. 

The pigmentation and color pay-off of this lipstick is unbelievable. You only need one layer to get an opaque color. The formula is very creamy and soft. It applies so easily, almost buttery and after a few hours of wear it dries into a semi-matte finish. 

The vegan formula is enriched with ivy, mallow and elderflower, which are all natural ingredients. According to Zoeva, this is what makes these lipsticks feel moisturizing on the lips, which it absolutely does. It's not until after you've worn it for about 3 hours that it starts to dry into a more matte finish, and therefor becomes a little bit more drying. 

Another thing I adore about this lipstick is the scent. It has a subtle floral scent that, which doesn't linger on the lips.

I didn't expect to love this lipstick as much as I do. I have had Easy Spirit for about a week now and it's been on my lips every single day since then. That just goes to show how much I love it. I really like the way this color looks on me and the fact that it's a long-wearing formula that is very comfortable to wear. The Zoeva Luxe Cream lipsticks are available online for €8,50 (3,8g), which is a very reasonable price! I'll probably end up ordering some more of these very soon :)

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