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Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette


I always saw the brand Zoeva as a 'makeup brush brand', and wasn't particularly interested in their makeup. But after trying and loving my first makeup item from them, the Easy Spirit lipstick, I was sold. It got me wondering about the rest of their products too. When I saw the Cocoa Blend palette pass by on other blogs, I immediately knew I had to get it. The packaging, the color selection,... it couldn't be more 'me'. So from the moment it was sold on their website, I couldn't resist. It only took 2 days to arrive at my doorstep, which was super quick!

The eyeshadow palette comes with a paper wrapping that has the same design as the palette itself. And since the Cocoa Blend palette is inspired by chocolate, it's just as if you're going to eat a chocolate bar. The design of this palette is absolutely gorgeous. It has a taupe color with golden details. 

The palette is made out of a light cardboard material, which feels very light yet sturdy. It's also very small and compact, which makes it a perfect travel palette. There is no mirror on the inside nor are there any annoying brushes that I never use anyway. 

The Cocoa Blend palette comes with 10 shadows with different finishes (matte, satin and metallic). Overall, this palette is definitely on the warmer neutral side of the spectrum. What I really love about the color selection, is that you get lighter neutral shades as well as some bolder, more dramatic shades. You can go so many different ways with this palette, ranging from subtle to dramatic looks.

What I adore about this palette is that you get a perfect transition shade (Substitute For Love), as well as a highlight shade (Bitter Start), which means I don't have to reach for other shadows or palettes when using this one.

Bitter Start: a light beige with a matte finish
Sweeter End: a golden peachy nude with subtle shimmer
Warm Notes: a warm cranberry with copper undertones and a metallic finish
Subtle Blend: a medium warm bronze with metallic/pearl finish
Beans Are White: a dark brown with a cool undertone and matte finish

Starting with the first row, Warm Notes and Subtle Blend are my favorite. Their texture is more soft and creamy then the others. I had to build up Sweeter End for it to really show up, but I do love how it looks. Bitter Start is the perfect all-over base shade or highlighting shadow. So far, so good!

Pure Ganache: a golden copper with a metallic finish
Substitute For Love: a medium-toned warm caramel shade with a matte finish
Freshly Toasted: a dark brown with a reddish undertone and matte finish
Infusion: a blackened brown with a satin finish and golden shimmer
Delicate Acidity: a dark mauve/taupe with a shimmery/metallic finish

And as if the first row didn't 'wow' me enough, the second row just blew me away. All of these shades are buttery and smooth and intensely pigmented. Substitute for Love is my perfect transition shade to start off with. Pure Ganache is a shade that's just right up my alley. I'm impressed!

I went for a more neutral look and I really loved how it turned out. The shadows applied very easily and I didn't notice any fall-out. On my oily eyelids I do have to prime my eyes with some eyeshadow primer, otherwise it looks a bit messy by the end of the day, but that's normal for me. 

I'm so pleased with the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. Not only are the shadows really pigmented, they blend nicely on the lids and I adore the color selection in this palette! You can go so many different direction with the shades, ranging from a neutral look to a more dramatic one. I certainly can't wait to play around with this beauty some more. I'm thinking about filming a tutorial with this palette, would you be interested in seeing that?

The Zoeva Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette is available on the Zoeva website for €17,50 (10 x 1,5g). You do have to keep in mind that there will be additional shipping costs and it takes about 2 days to arrive. 

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