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I don't know how they do it, but E.l.f. just keeps releasing awesome new products at such budget-friendly prices. Almost every product I ever tried from this brand, I have loved. So I guess it's fair to say that I'm a fan of E.l.f. products. A few years ago, I purchased their blush & bronzing duo in Turks & Caicos but never really used it since it had so much glitter in it. That was one of the products that I didn't really like from the brand, even though I thought the duo was a great concept. So when I heard they were releasing a matte version of the blush & bronzer duo in Fiji, I got super excited. Even more so when I got the chance to try it out for myself.

The contouring blush & bronzing powder duo comes in a sleek matte black packaging, that was definitely 'inspired' by Nars. It's not too thick or big, so it's perfect to keep in your bag. It also has a huge mirror inside and no unnecessary annoying little brushes that just take up extra space. I'm normally a huge fan of this packaging, quality wise (it does look a bit boring), but my mirror isn't glued properly. It feels as if the mirror could fall out any minute now, so I'll have to be careful with that. 

The contouring blush & bronzing powder duo is available in 4 different shades but Fiji is the only matte one.

The Fiji duo comes with a matte blush and matte bronzing powder. The blush is a dusty rose shade with coral undertones. This blush is absolutely stunning and definitely my favorite out of this duo. The bronzer that comes in this little duo is a warmer bronzing shade. It can be a little bit too dark for those with fairer skin-tones, but with the right amount of blending and light handed application, you could make it work on any skin-tone. For sculpting out the face, I prefer a more cooler, grayish powder. But just for bronzing up the face, this powder is perfect. Both of the powders have an amazing color pay-off!

The formula of the blush as well as the bronzing powder is rather thick. They are extremely pigmented which is probably why the powder feels a bit more heavy and thick, if you get what I'm trying to say. They do blend out very nicely, but I suggest going in with a veeerrrryyyy light hand, and add more powder if necessary. These powders are not the most long-wearing, but they perform average when it comes to lasting on my face. I would say they last up to 7 hours, with just a little bit of fading.

I'm so glad E.l.f. decided to come out with a matte version of their blush & bronzer duo! Both the powders were super pigmented, they blended nicely into the skin and they're both pretty shades if you ask me! The E.l.f. contouring blush & bronzing powder is available online for only €4 (4g). If you're trying to build up your makeup collection, I think E.l.f. is definitely a great brand to consider, their quality is really good and they keep their prices very reasonable.

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