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Coming Soon: Catrice Sense Of Simplicity


It has only been about a week since I posted about the 'Lumination' limited edition collection by Catrice and today I'm here with another collection! It seems like Catrice has been on a roll with their limited edition collections lately. This time they went for the 'Sense Of Simplicity' collection which is all about simplifying. Minimalistic designs, black and white combined with clear bright colors,... all very clean and chic. 

Bouncy Eyeshadow €3,99

 Strike a Rose
 Straight Silver
 Linda Evan-Grey-Lista

Juicy Gloss €2,99

 Strike a Rose
 Pure Pink
 Orange Obsession

Transparant Mattifying Powder €4,99

Cream to Powder Blush €3,99

 Pure Pink

Latex Lacquer €2,99

 Pure Pink
 Orange Obsession
 Minimalistic Mint
 Simply White

T"his collection isn't really appealing to me. The only products that managed to spark my intrest were the bouncy eyeshadows. But aside from that, I don't think I'll get anything from this collection. The latex lacquer nail polishes could potentially be interesting, but I'ld have to see some swatches first. 

The Sense Of Simplicity collection by Catrice will be available in stores from August to mid September. What are your opinions on this collection? Do you like it so far?

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