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Budget Makeup Storage Tip


I love makeup, I think that comes as no surprise to any of you. But I'm also a makeup storage hoarder. I can keep myself busy for hours and hours, reorganizing my makeup collection. I have one big Alex 9 drawer from Ikea where I store the majority of my collection. But I also have 2 small Muji acrylic drawers where I keep my everyday makeup and newer products. But those retail for such a ridiculous price that I don't really want to spend the money to get another one. But then, as a gift from the sky, I stumbled upon these small drawers that are super budget-friendly.

I found these 'jewelry' boxes at Action that are absolutely perfect for storing your favorite makeup! They retail for €2,99 which is such a bargain!! They're also stackable, which is perfect for those of you with bigger makeup collections. And even if you don't use makeup, they're perfect for storing your jewelry or other small bits and pieces. They feel a little less sturdy than the Muji drawers, but still, they're quite amazing!


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