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As I have mentioned in a previous post, there's a new store in town! & Other Stories finally opened up a store in my city and as you could see in my haul, I purchased this gorgeous nail polish. I think & Other Stories has its packaging on point. Their nail polishes come in this cute, yet very simple packaging. I'm really digging their minimalistic theme and everything was packaged very nicely, even the bag looks cute! As for the nail polish itself, I really like it. The brush is medium sized but it's really easy to coat the nails. The consistency was very easy to work with, though it did need more then 2 layers to look fully opaque. Gull Peach is a stunning pastel peachy shade that's perfect for Spring! It looks so flattering, but as I said, it does need 3 layers to look opaque (I only applied 2 coats and in real life you could really see that it needed another one).

Above all I'm really impressed with this nail polish! It applied very easy and didn't take an eternity to be completely dry. This color is also right up my alley, very Spring appropriate! & Other Stories nail polishes are available in stores and online for €7 (9ml), which is fair price if you ask me!

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