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Urban Decay is one of my favorite high-end brands. Whenever I'm feeling a bit spendy, I tend to splurge on their products. They have some of the most amazing products with the most bad-ass packaging ever. For Spring 2015, they came out with concealers to complete their Naked Skin line. This line already consisted of foundations and powders, and now they have added concealers. Since UD has never let me down with any of their products, I thought it was about time to put this new concealer to the test.

Of course, the packaging is on point, as with any of their other products. The Naked Skin concealer comes in a clear tube with metallic accents. It looks very simple, yet it's very appealing to the eye. This brand new concealer is available in 8 different shades and claims to be weightless, yet it provides complete coverage. That sounds very promising so let's see if it lives up to its expectations. 

I'm in the shade Light Warm which is the second lightest shade. As the name suggests, it's a lighter shade with warm undertones. The applicator is a flat two-sided doughfoot-applicator which makes it very easy to apply the product. 

The formula of this concealer is very liquid and not drying at all, yet it provides excellent coverage, which is just what it said it would do. You only need the tiniest amount, since it is very pigmented and it blends into the skin so nicely. I use my fingertips to blend this out and it works perfectly. It's also very long-lasting, I didn't need to touch it up during the day at all. 

I think it's safe to say that I have found my new current favorite concealer! UD did an excellent job with the formula of these concealers. The consistency is hydrating, yet it gives you full and buildeable coverage. I'm a fan! The UD Naked Skin concealer is available online for €20 (5ml) and I couldn't recommend it enough, especially if you suffer from dark circles just like I do.  

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