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I have told you all about the Volume Gloss nail polishes by the brand P2 before, and I love these so much! Last time I was in Germany, I grabbed another shade called 'Cute Girl'. Cute Girl is a darker nude and I think it looks so flattering and elegant. The thing I love about these nail polishes is the large brush and the fact that they dry up very quickly. The only downside in my opinion is that they don't stay on my nails for a long period of time. Usually these nail polishes start chipping on my nails after 2-3 days, which is just not the best. But, I do love how they apply!

Unfortunately, this brand is only available in Germany, at DM. That's such a pity because I absolutely love this brand! P2 is very affordable and there hasn't been one product of them that I haven't liked so far. The Volume Gloss nail polishes are available at DM for €1,95 (12ml).

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