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Since my obsession with lipliners started, I have accumulated a few of them. Well actually a lot. I don't know what attracts me so much to lipliners, but it has come to the point that I can't wear any lipstick without applying a lipliner first. My addiction is real, and so when I saw these new lipliners by Essence I couldn't help myself and I picked up 3 of them. 

The packaging of these lipliners is on point if you ask me. They look very sleek and expensive and I love the silver letters on it. The long-lasting lipliners are available in 9 different shades, ranging from different shades of pinks to nudes. 

Purely Me! is a very light nude shade. It is super neutral and I would pair this with my nudest lipsticks. This is one of those lipliners that I wouldn't really recommend to wear on its own because my lips kind of look dead but pairing this with a nude lipstick would be perfect. Purely Me! is actually the perfect lip base if you ask me.

Girl Next Door is a darker nude with a brownish undertone. It is perfect to deepen up any nude lipstick, or perfect to wear on its own as well.

Plum Cake is a very deep plumy nude shade. Yes, I would still describe this as a nude but just with a berry undertone. It kind of reminds me of that oh so popular '90s' lip color and I think this lipliner is absolutely stunning to wear on its own.

These lipliners are some of the best ones I have found at the drugstore so far. Well actually these ones and the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipliners. They're not too drying, yet they stay on the lips for hours. I also love the color selection of this range and the packaging is also on point. These long-lasting lipliners by Essence are available at Kruidvat (the ones with the big Essence stands) and online for €1,59 each (0,23g), which is such a bargain! 

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