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I am a huge Disney fan, everything Disney I love. So when I heard that they were coming out with a Cinderella movie I got suuuuper excited. But then I saw that MAC was coming out with a Cinderella limited edition collection and I almost died. The collection looks so beautiful and it was love at first sight. I knew I couldn't pass this one up so I did my best to get my hands on this eyeshadow palette that I really wanted from this collection. Unfortunately I was too late to get my hands on this baby online but I was able to purchase it in stores the day it came out, which was this weekend.

This collection has the most adorable packaging ever, which is what drew me to it the most. Of course that's the power of MAC's limited edition collections but this time they really did amaze me. The collection has shimmering light blue packaging with golden details, it's so pretty!! I literally wanted to buy everything from this collection, but decided to treat myself to only one item. I'm trying to save up some money to buy a new laptop, which is why I only bought one thing, the most expensive one of course!! I purchased the eyeshadow palette form this collection, which is called 'Stroke Of Midnight'.

Stroke Of Midnight comes with 6 neutral shades, 5 of them are part of their permanent line and there's 1 limited edition shade. I personally didn't own any of the shades apart from 'Satin Taupe' (which I'm giving to my mom), so for me that wasn't really an issue. But I can imagine that people who have a lot of Mac eyeshadows may already own some of these shades and in that case this eyeshadow palette might be a turn-off for them.

This palette comes with these 6 shades:

Vapour (peachy white shade with subtle shimmer), Phloof (shimmering pinky beige), Omega (warm medium brown with a matte finish), Quarry (matte soft brown with plum undertones), Satin Taupe (medium brownish taupe with a slightly metallic finish), Stroke Of Midnight (black with a purple undertone and multi-color shimmer).

I think the color selection of this palette is on point. You get 2 highlighting shades, 2 shades that are perfect for creasing and 2 very pretty and special shades. For me, all of these shades worked really well and I did like the pigmentation and the way they applied and blended. I did have to build up Vapour which was the shadow that performed less then the others. Stroke Of Midnight felt a little powdery and grainy but I was able to work with it. 

The Stroke Of Midnight palette is really a collector's item if you ask me! Not only the packaging is super pretty and attractive, but the eyeshadows inside performed really nicely as well. You can make such beautiful eyeshadow looks with this palette and I absolutely love it! The Mac x Cinderella collection is now available at Mac counters and online. The Stroke Of Midnight palette retails for €42 (7,2g).

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