14 maart 2015 | 3 comments

This year I've been getting into contouring and bronzing up the face. Whereas last year I was obsessed with highlighters (which I still am), this year I'm all about finding the perfect bronzing and contouring powders. I got this one by E.l.f. a while back and it's a pressed mineral bronzer. I already did a review on the pressed mineral blush and I absolutely loved that product. So if you're interested in knowing my thoughts on this one, keep on reading! 

The packaging of this bronzer looks very simple and sleek. I do have to say that it feels very cheap in comparison to the pressed mineral blush. It makes a lot of annoying sounds when I open and close it and I feel like the lid is a bit loose. So packaging-wise, I wasn't really impressed.

The pressed mineral bronzer is available in 4 different shades and I got one in the shade 'Tan Toffee'.

Tan Toffee is a medium-toned warm bronze shade. It's not completely matte, yet it doesn't have any shimmer in it. It just has this subtle satin sheen finish. The soft formula with Vitamin E and Grape, is so smooth and super easy to blend into the skin. This powder is also VERY pigmented, so I would definitely suggest using a light hand with this powder and building up the intensity if necessary. Being as pigmented as this powder is, I did notice a little bit of fading after about 6 hours of wear. But since this compact is so small, you can easily throw it in your purse and touch up if necessary. 

This bronzer is such a good one to bronze up the face. The texture is amazing and it's also super budget-friendly! If I would go for a super contoured face, I wouldn't use this bronzer to contour because it's too warm. I prefer cool-toned shades to contour but for bronzing up the face and adding that sun-kissed tan to the face, this one it absolutely perfect! You can buy the pressed mineral bronzer on E.l.f.'s website for €6 (4g).

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