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New Essence Mascaras: Plump No Clump! & I Like Long Lashes!


I always love trying out new mascaras, it's actually ridiculous the amount of mascaras that I have opened right now. But I can never help myself, I just have to find the best one out there. And even if I find a good one, I always want to find better. So when I saw that Essence came out with a few new mascaras for their Spring/Summer update, I decided to put 2 of those babies to the test. 

The first mascara I bought is the Plump No Clump! They say this mascara is for plumping volume without clumping the lashes. It's deep-black and ophtalmologically approved. 

Since Covergirl's Clump Crusher is one of my favorite mascaras ever, I was really pleased to see that Essence had made a similar one that promised to keep my lashes clump free. But ohhh boyyyyy, this mascara clumped my lashes together like no other!! The formula is one that I like, but the combination of the brush and formula made my lashes clump together. It did add a lot of volume but I really disliked the fact that it kind of clumped them together and it wasn't really easy to apply more then 2 coats.

Essence Plump No Clump mascara €2,89 (12ml).

Without mascara (I know, it's out of focus which annoys the crap out of me!)
Wearing the Plump No Clump! mascara

The other mascara I picked up is the I Like Long Lashes! They claim this mascara with a small brush and WOW effect will give you ultimate length, extra volume and perfect definition, with lash-extending fibers and ophtalmologically approved. 

The wand of this mascara is indeed rather small, which makes it easy to coat every single lash. It's very easy to build this one up, you can easily apply 3-4 coats without having those spidery lashes. At first, I really liked the effect of this mascara, it added tons of volume and length without clumping. But after a while this mascara made my eyes really irritated. It was as if I had something in both of my eyes the whole time which was really annoying me. My guess is that it's because of the lash-extending fibers in the formula. That's why I certainly wouldn't recommend this mascara to people with sensitive eyes or contact wearers.

Essence I Like Long Lashes mascara €2,89 (6ml).

Wearing the I Like Long Lashes! mascara

I like bought of these mascaras and will continue using them, but they weren't anything special or mind-blowingly good. The Plump No Clump actually did clump my lashes together and the I Like Long Lashes irritated my eyes a little bit. I like the effect of both and the fact that none of them smudged throughout the day, but I just expected a little more out of them. Both of these mascaras retail for €2,89 and are available at Essence stands and online here and here.

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