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German Beauty Haul!


Hi loves! The past weekend I went on a little trip to Oberhausen in Germany. There are so many fun stores in Germany that we don't have here in Belgium such as Müler and DM, which is are basically like huge Kruidvat stores. Their Catrice and Essence stands are so much bigger than ours and they have a lot of new stuff that we don't have in stores yet. A lot of brands are also way cheaper in Germany, it's crazy. To give you guys an example: Essie nail polish costs €11,99 in our stores and there they retail for €7,99 in Germany! They also have a few amazing brands that you can't get your hands on here in our country. You can imagine I went a little cray-cray and bought a lot of amazing new goodies! Of course I'll try to review as many of them as I can :)


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