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Essie Blanc


My search for the perfect white nail polish has finally come to a stop! I've been looking for a good, opaque simple white nail polish for so long now, but most of them were too sheer or I didn't like the consistency that much. But, I finally find a white nail polish that does the trick. It's an Essie polish in the color 'Blanc' and it is just perfect. This nail polish applied very evenly, which is rare with white nail polishes. It was also opaque after 2 coats, which again, isn't always the case with white nail polish. It lasted on my nails almost for an entire week, which is so long. If you're looking for a good and opaque white nail polish that's easy to apply, definitely check out Blanc by Essie!

Essie Blanc is part of Essie's permanent collection. You can buy Essie at Di or Kruidvat for €11,99 (13,5 ml) or you can get your hands on this beauty online here. I would recommend getting it online because it's about €2 cheaper!

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