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E.l.f. Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Naked


After trying out e.l.f.'s new brush and newer mineral blush, I finally put the Prism eyeshadow palette to the test. I had heard so many great things about this palette that it got me very curious. You can imagine my excitement when I got offered the opportunity to try it out! So today, I'm finally telling you all about this eyeshadow palette. 

I am loving the sleek and compact packaging of this eyeshadow palette. It feels very sturdy and hardly takes up any space in your collection. It looks like something from a more high-end makeup brand and it is perfect to travel with. The only thing that was unnecessary is the little brush it comes with. For me, palettes should never come with those useless brushes because it just takes up more space and I never use those things anyway. I do love that this palette comes with a big mirror!

The Prism eyeshadow palette is available in 3 different varieties: Naked which is a neutral palette, Sunset which has more pinks, purples and oranges in it and lastly Smoke with darker blue and green shades. And of course you guessed it, I picked out the neutral one!

Naked comes with 6 different neutral shadows, ranging from a creamy beige to gold and browns. I think the color selection is quite good, since I'm a huge neutral lover. I just wish there was more variety in the 3 darker shades because I think they look very similar and I'm missing a darker brown to apply in my crease. 

The formula of these shadows is very creamy and soft, which is just how I like my eyeshadows to be, not too powdery and soft. Their pigmentation is also amazing and they blend so nicely on the eyelids. Some of the shadows, especially the lighter ones, I did have to build up to get them as intense as I wanted because some of them didn't really show-up after just one application. 

I think the quality of this palette is really good. The colors blend nicely together and they have great color pay-off. The darker shades do look a lot the same once they're applied to the eyes, which is the only little thing that I don't really like about this palette. Besides that, I would totally recommend this palette to everyone, from beginner to more advanced. The Prism eyeshadow palette is available on their website for €10 (12g), which is a little bit expensive for e.l.f. I told you guys in my previous e.l.f. post that they're becoming a little bit more pricey but then again, they're still really affordable.

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