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E.l.f. Pressed Mineral Blush in 'Jet Setter'


I feel like I say this about every single makeup product but I have a slight obsession with blushes. And also lip products and eyeshadow and highlighters,... You name it, I'm addicted to it. So when I got the opportunity to try some of the newer items from E.l.f., it should come as no surprise that I wanted to try out one of their new pressed mineral blushes. I had already reviewed one of their loose mineral blushes, which I really loved. So when I saw that they had come out with a pressed version, I couldn't resist! 

At first I wasn't really a big fan of the packaging because it looked so boring and simple. But I'm actually starting to like it. It's compact and rather small and thanks to the clear lid, you can see easily see which color you're grabbing. It does feel a little bit cheap and not super sturdy, but I like the simple and chic design.

The pressed mineral blushes are available in 4 different shades, all very neutral and subtle.

Jet Setter is a soft old rose shade, with a very subtle plum undertone. It has a matte finish but yet it adds a slight dewiness and silkiness to the cheekbones which is just what I like! I think this shade is very universal and it would look great on any skin-tone, especially darker ones.

The mineral blushes are infused with Vitamin E and Grape which helps nourish the skin and has some anti-aging benefits in it as well. The texture of this blush was a bit powdery when I went in with my brush but on the skin it was very soft and blendeable. Jet Setter stayed on my cheekbones the entire day, so about 8-9 hours. It just started to fade away just a little bit after 6 hours but was still noticeable, so maybe a little bit of touching up wouldn't hurt.

I can honestly say that this blush has become one of my new favorite and most-used blushes. The quality of these mineral blushes is absolutely incredible and I would even compare it to higher-end blushes, such as Mac blushes. Also, the color of this blush is right up my alley, not too pink and with a hint of plum undertones. The E.l.f. Pressed Mineral blush in 'Jet Setter' is available on their website for €6 (4g). I think that is a really affordable and fare price, but I am noticing that they're slightly becoming a little bit more expensive. Usually all of their products were either €1 or €4, but now they're pricing their new products just a little bit higher. That's probably because of the fact that it's a mineral product. But hey, €6 is still really affordable and you won't hear me complain about that because these blushes are absolutely incredible!

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