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What I Got For Christmas!


Hi loves! Sadly, Christmas is already over, but we still have New Year's Eve to look forward to! I had an amazing time and enjoyed it with my closest family and friends. Of course, I ate way to much food and I'm still recovering! Although Christmas isn't about presents, I still wanted to show you the ones I got. I think it's a fun thing to see, at least I love these kind of posts. I'm super happy with all the presents I received, and everyone liked the ones I gave them, so mission accomplished! As you can tell, I love me some pink, and my family knows me very well. My mom went to Thailand recently, where she bought a lot of presents, hence all the cute pink makeup and some Thai sweets. Also, How To Train Your Dragon is one of my favorite movies, and I got a Toothless to snuggle with, soo happy! My dad got me this beautiful Givenchy palette (that's not in the picture), which was also one of my favorite presents :)

In case you were wondering, this was the makeup I wore on Christmas Eve :) I hope you had a great time and enjoy the rest of the holidays! 

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