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My Life In Pictures #2: Sinterklaas, Starbucks & Lots Of Food ♡


Good afternoon loves! As many of you may know, yesterday we celebrated 'Sinterklaas' here in Belgium (and other countries). We put our shoe in front of the fireplace the night before, and then we wake up to presents and lots of chocolate and other deliciousness the next morning. In my family, we have a big  and cosy breakfast, with lots of sweets. I took a few pictures of my day yesterday, and thought I would share it with you guys. 

Saturday December 6th

1. When I woke up, this is what I found next to the fireplace. I guess I was a very good girl this year! :)

2. My mom prepared a delicious breakfast with cupcakes, truffles, homemade chocolate paste,... She really knows how to spoil us!

3. I did a little 'photoshoot' with a Starbucks cup. I wanted to create something that was Tumblr inspired, but I didn't really get the result I wanted. But I really like the picture anyway. 

4. These are some of my new goodies I ordered on Sephora.com. The Z-palette was a little present I got to pick out, and I also bought a matte lip crayon from Bite Beauty and the Contour Kit by Anastasia that was finally back in stock. I also ordered 2 presents for my mom, which she was really happy with :)

5. My day was very relaxed. I did a bit of blogging, and of course watched some youtube videos. I am loving all the Vlogmas videos lately, now I have so much to watch!

6. Of course, I had to take a selfie with my red cup!

7. At night, I went to my friend's birthday. We ordered pizza and some starters and had an amazing time!

Happy 'Sinterklaas' everyone, hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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